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  • SA may get its first Catholic saint

    The Catholic Church will soon consider whether a South African man killed 12 years ago should be proclaimed blessed -- the first step towards sainthood -- according to a Sunday Times report.

    The man would be the first saint to be recognised from South Africa, the weekly asserted.

    Bendict Daswa, a businessman and devout Roman Catholic from rural Limpopo, was murdered in February 1990, aged 46, after rejecting claims of the existence of witchcraft in his village, Mbahe, near Thoyohandou.

    A group of villagers beat him with sticks and rocks and poured boiling water over him. He had refused to participate in hiring a witchdoctor to help find those responsible for a series of lightning strikes in the area.

    Joao Rodrigues, bishop of Tzaneen, said the diocese had thoroughly investigated Daswa's life and death and had sent a report to the Vatican.

    "We believe he was killed in hatred of the faith which he professed privately and publicly," Rodrigues told the paper.

    His diocese is now in the process of putting together a more detailed document, known as a positio. This would include a biography, testimonies, and documents such as Daswa's birth certificate.

    The pope would make the final decision on Daswa's case.

    Daswa was described in the report as a man of prayer who had dedicated his life to the church.

    Source : Sapa
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. satanboy's Avatar
      satanboy -
      What a load of codswallop.
    1. LazyLion's Avatar
      LazyLion -
      Whoopee... hide your children!
    1. Lucas Buck's Avatar
      Lucas Buck -
      "We believe he was killed in hatred of the faith which he professed privately and publicly," Rodrigues told the paper.
      I doubt it. I think that it's more likely that they thought that he was responsible for the witchcraft because he refused to participate in hiring the witchdoctor.

      I've met a few educated people who come from rural villages and find it strange that educated people still have these beliefs. Anything from being a new comer, to someone having a gripe with you could lead to the accusation of witchcraft.
    1. evilstebunny's Avatar
      evilstebunny -
      Quote Originally Posted by Garyvdh View Post
      Whoopee... hide your children!
      Amen brother!
    1. ponder's Avatar
      ponder -
      What's more frightening is how primitive the 'locals' are...
    1. Picard's Avatar
      Picard -
      Quote Originally Posted by satanboy View Post
      What a load of codswallop.
      Says the man with satanboy as a nic.
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