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Conversation Between Fazda and givens

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  1. You MUST keep the car insured at all times - if it means overlapping the insurance then do it that way. I'm not sure if the car is in your name, as that's not clear - if that ius the case, then it must stay insured in your name as long as the finance is in your name. I hope that answers your question.
  2. Hi Fazda,
    I need your advise, from seeing your response on the thread: How to cancel car insurance if vehicle is financed by Absa?
    I have helped a friend get an expensive car through me, I took it through ABSA VF and the Miway Insurance this past Friday 14/09/2012. I have a good credit record that why i helped.
    The agreement is that they are going to deposit the money into my account until we change the ownership, tomorrow Monday 17/09/2012 I want to cancel the insurance and the mother of my friend would get the insurance under her name with insurance of her choice and cover me until the ownership is on her childs name.
    I also want this off my name as soon as possible, if its means talking the car back to the dealership, i would do that. MiWay would also debit my account tomorrow Monday 17/09/2012 which seems like the start of my problems.
    Advise me!
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