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Conversation Between Fazda and chau

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  1. Sorry that was my mistake,I wasn't part of the rally. Meant to mean that for you guys who do partake in them, it's nice to go back and look at the photographs of yourselves competing
  2. Were you involved in rallying as well?
  3. It was nice going through your galleries and going through your rally photos. I liked the idea of you having photos from your rally days and captions to it too Brings back memories
  4. You are spot on with the Alfas! My first rally car was a Berlina 1750 identical to the pale blue one, and then later I had a red Alfetta like the other one! :]]
  5. You're welcome man Figured you'd might like them
    Went to a regional rally out in Jbay yesterday and there were a number of classics there. Found these Alpha's:

    and a Renault Gordini:

    [I saw you had one of those Alpha's in your Flickr gallery ]
  6. Thanks for the Anglia! Great shot!!
  7. An Anglia for you
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