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Recruitment of new staff is always a long and tedious task. How do you know you selected the correct person or how do you know they will be able to do the job?

You always have the risk of recruiting a new employee and ending up with a person that can either not do the work or might not have been the person they were in the interview.

Have you done thorough background checks? Have you checked if his/her qualifications are valid? These are just some of the simple questions you need to ask yourself.

What is Recruitment really?

What does it actually mean? Well if we have a look at Wiki pages we can see that it is more than just getting CV’s in and finding one that seems to fit the profile of the position.

You need to have a look and see what you require from a person by looking at their personal skills, work skills and their ability to do something that you would need from them.

Where do you start?

To start off the recruitment process, you need to have a look at what the position entails. Draft a job description to see what is needed for the position. You can have this done by you HR department or a Consulting company.

You also need to decide where you will be recruiting from. Will it be internal or external recruitment?

If it is an internal recruitment you will need to have your HR department prepare an advertisement for your staff and also ensure you have all of the below ready.

Once you have a job description of the position you would like to fill you can then prepare a budget for the position. This is very important as you need to have an idea of the amount you would like to spend on your advertising and recruiting fees. You also need to ensure that you have a salary figure in mind as you need to be able to find candidates within that salary group and suitable candidates.

Once you have your job description, recruitment budget and salary range ready you can start with advertising the position.

You can either contact a recruitment company such as Indeed or Pnet to advertise the position for you. Alternatively you can consult with a Consulting company who can do this for you and you can have them do all the hard work and get you a short list of suitable candidates.

Screening Process

You need to screen all the CV’s that you receive. You can do this by following the steps as set out below;

  • Phone screen candidates – Call the applicants to get a “feel” for the candidate
  • Behavioral screening – Have them do a behavioral test which is optional
  • Test and assess – Test their skill on what they are capable of doing and asses the outcome to see if they will be suitable

Then what?

After you have received your short list of candidates you can then setup interviews with the selected candidates to meet them.

You can follow the points as per below;

  • Schedule interviews
  • Confirm interviews
  • Extensive candidate interview preparation

Once you have completed your interviews gather feedback from managers and short list the selected few you would like to have come back for a second interview.

Once you have selected a suitable candidate you need to make them an offer. This would then be the salary you have setup. You can either negotiate the salary with the selected candidate or you can send them an official offer of employment.

Once your candidate has accepted your offer, you can prepare a welcome pack for the new employee. Also ensure you have setup their new workspace and have everything ready for them once they arrive for their first day of work.

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