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My 5 Minutes

Photoshop in your browser?

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I do a fair amount of image manipulation and creation and so far Photoshop has by far been the best option. All the various pieces of software of course have their own merits and problems but by and large I think most people are confident with Adobe's stuff and it's certainly an industry leader.

Thinking almost purely of hobbyists and people like myself who dabble in the odd bit of image manipulation, Aviary has been launched. And boy is it pretty.

The tools range from Image editors to swatch, vectors, music and terrain generators as well as word processing and a whole gamut of 3D technology.

Some of the example images are starting to look pretty damned good and are easily equal to some of the things being done in applications like Bryce, Photoshop and 3DS.

Check out a couple of this week's featured images:



I've got a couple of invites if anyone wants some.

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