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Downloading from the Usenet NNTP News Servers (International Bandwidth/Uncapped)

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There is another way to download lots of cool stuff faster...
using the UseNet (also called NNTP or News Servers)...
I like this way because it is MUCH faster (and safer) than Torrents...

1) You need a UseNet Account. What we also call an NNTP Provider.
You can get a free one from lots of providers.... Many of them have free trials.
(Just remember to cancel if you don't want to pay after the free trial. The paid accounts are also quite reasonable.)

Supernews = $11.99 per month unlimited
Usenet Server = $10.00 per month unlimited
Astraweb = $11.00 a month unlimited
Giganews = Free 14 day trial

Or find another one here...
or here....

2) Then you will need one of these programs (A Binary NewsReader and Decoder Program).

Grabit... from here...

If you are a more advanced computer user, you might want to try this program (Alt.Binz)... It has more settings and more features, but is a little bit more complex.

A third option is this one which runs in your web browser, but is very stable, cross platform and has many features...

Install the program and open it up... load the account information you got from your NNTP provider (Username and Password) into the server settings. Make sure you also specify the number of connections you are allowed. And if your Usenet provider supports SSL (secure) connections, then enable that also (it will change the port number).

3) Then go here to search for what you want to download.... It's free, you just have to sign up with one of these sites... (You might need an invite to access some of these)

Download the files you want and unzip them. They will give an NZB file. Double click the NZB file and it will load into Grabit and start downloading.

4) When it is finished downloading Grabit will try to extract the RAR file to your My Documents/Grabit Folder. Go look there.

5) If it extracted as an AVI file (or whatever), then you are finished.

6) If you still see a bunch of RAR files, then use this program to Unzip them....

7) If the file got corrupted (won't extract)... then use this program to repair it (Quickpar) ...

It will take those PAR2 files that came down also... and will repair the archive... BTW, you don't always have to download all the PAR2 files. Only download them if you need them. (you can deleted them from your download list by selecting them and pressing DEL).

Then you can extract it.

Missing PAR files are the one downside of Usenet Binaries. Sometimes the guys upload them with the RAR files, sometimes they are on the same page, but in a separate NZB file, and sometimes they are just plain missing. If the PAR files are completely missing or partially missing, you can try going to

and see if you can locate them there. If you have all of the PAR files, but the file still does not want to repair using QuickPar, then you can try another program called PAR Buddy. I'm using version 2.80. Not sure if that is the latest. But I have noticed that some files will work with QuickPar and not with PAR Buddy and vise versa.

More instructions here...

If you are looking for more episodes or movies to download you can get them from here (where to get the NZB files)...

.. there are lots of other usenet providers also.... you can get free trials from a lot of them...

hope that makes sense...

More instructions here...

Here is a Post explaining all the Jargon that is used in naming the files used on these servers....

Now you can also download from the Usenet for free through your Web Browser...

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Updated 10-06-2012 at 03:10 PM by LazyLion



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  1. koeksGHT's Avatar
    I still do not find the idea pleasing that you have to pay a monthly subscription to download illegal content :P

    Gonna give it a try though, thanks for the guide.
  2. LazyLion's Avatar
    Just remember that the News Servers are charging you a fee for access to their network. The fee is not for the content. The News Servers themselves are completely unaware of what content is being uploaded or downloaded. The Content is uploaded by the Users alone and is their responsibility.

    As far as the legality is concerned, the South African courts have never yet ruled on the issue of downloading. So until then, downloading remains a neutral activity. it is no more and no less legal than browsing a website.
  3. auriga1000's Avatar

    free usenet for life. T&C apply. Not as good as the paid but it is free after all.
  4. m4dh4tt3r's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by auriga1000

    free usenet for life. T&C apply. Not as good as the paid but it is free after all.
    I believe this has now changed and users using xsusenet free accounts have a 25gb limit.

    Anybody know of any other free accounts out there?
  5. LazyLion's Avatar
    Free Accounts are very rare and even if you can find one, they are usually very low bandwidth rate.
  6. kolaval's Avatar
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