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Write a Blog, Win a Sandisk Video MP3 Player

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
Sandisk has kindly sponsored a Sandisk Sansa E250 Video MP3 player and a Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Flash Drive for prizes on To stand a chance to win these prizes simply write a Blog right here or post a comment on one of the already published Blogs.

For more information about this competition and the prizes, see this thread:

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  1. redarrow's Avatar
    Nobody else thought to enter by commenting right here?

    Does this increase my chance of winning..
  2. Calico182's Avatar
    cool stuff
  3. |tera|'s Avatar
    May the best man/woman win
  4. Tns's Avatar
    mine too! sandisk rules!
  5. headstrong's Avatar
    Sandsisk will soon we coming my way
  6. |tera|'s Avatar
    Oh rpm oh rpm, where are you with the announcement?
  7. fxit_man's Avatar
    ya ur killing us softly...well not so softly actually
  8. AirWolf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rpm View Post
    Hi guys...

    WE will announce the WC winner and the blogging winner over the weekend
  9. |tera|'s Avatar
    Yip, we saw that after we pleaded
  10. |tera|'s Avatar
    psssssttt, who won?
  11. Tns's Avatar
    congrats to the winner