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More happy days at DARG

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It has been an age since my original post about DARG - the good news is that I have been back there at least once every week since then.

I have seen many dogs come and go in the interim. My personal favourite, Chaka, and large and strong Staffie cross of some kind finally found a home! It was a bitter sweet moment as I won't ever get to see him again, but I had to remind myself that he has gone to a loving home where he can really be happy, which is great.

Now that school holidays are here, there are a few more volunteers there, than usual but still not enough. I really appeal to anyone with time in the day to head out there, just for a few hours. Take out a dog or three or just socialise with the cats - they all appreciate it, especially in the cold of winter.

I am in the process of recruiting law students from my class to also come and do their community service hours there - so far, it is going quite well.

My 60 hours are up, but I am still going to keep going, at least every week until I start full time work in the new year.

That's all from me for now.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to pm me. Or check out the updated website at - Plenty of pics of the little buggers on there. Enough to break a few hearts


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