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Senseless Mac VS PC ads

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Apple has produced a bunch of advertisements that portray PCs as less than worthy adversaries to the mighty Macintosh. These ads are as much about PCs as Hollywood love stories are about real relationships. What these ads really are, are an attack on Windows. And the newly released Windows 7 finds itself being pummelled by a new series of Mac ads.

Yet why Apple believes a Mac is better than a PC is something I still don't quite grasp. Okay I get it, Macs just work! What the hell does that even mean?

I'm using Windows XP and have been since it first appeared some 8 years ago. I have not had a BSD in more than a year, most days I can put my laptop on stand by and just carry on when I return to it later. And it just works. I plug a peripheral into a USB port, and it just works. I share my internet connection, plug a network cable into my laptop and the other end into my PS3 and voila, it just works. Everyday I do work on my XP powered laptop and it just works. So what exactly do Mac owners mean when they say it just works?

Something that irks me even more than the idea that Macs are "better" because they just work is the idea that somehow one can compare a PC and a Mac. Yeah, laugh you smug Mac owners, I know you're thinking that there's no comparison. And you're right because a Mac is an ecosystem while a PC is Object Orientation personified.

Would Snow Leopard hold up if it had to unite all the hardware variations that Windows has to support?

Please, don't mistake me for a Microsoft fan boy. But I have to give Microsoft credit for building an operating system that supports thousands of various hardware components without effort, assuming it has the correct drivers. I don't want to hear about your Vista woes, I had them as well.

A PC equals freedom. You can pull together a PC from spare parts that cost you a few hundred rands, or you can build a gaming rig that would put super computers to shame. When it comes to PCs, itís all about your budget and your needs. One size does not fit all.

On a PC you aren't just stuck with apples and leopards. There are penguins who believe in Ubuntu looking out of four paned windows. And while the innards of windows can't really be altered, its bells and whistles can certainly be customised.

I also find myself wondering, where the world would be if it had been left to Apple to popularise the home computer. With even entry level Macs way outside the budget of your average Joe, how many people would actually own a computer today if IBM hadn't decided to open up the PC architecture? Would Aunty Edna be using a computer to type out her shopping list between Uncle Bob's porn surfing sessions if Microsoft hadn't introduced Windows to the world?

Maybe Apple should try creating ads that show what their own products offer, rather than what Windows lacks. And while they're at, stop comparing a computer to an operating system because they are not the same thing.

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Updated 24-10-2009 at 07:52 AM by ebudae