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Bye Bye Fazda

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Returned from my month in the Cape to find that my Fazda had not enjoyed her stay in my humid salty aired garage.

She started alright, and actually went into reverse in order to get out of the garage, but then decided to start showing her ire at my sudden disappearance.

The wipers, suddenly refused to park at the bottom of the screen as they found that the top suited them better, the rust that I thought that I had fixed on the bonnet was back with a vengeance, and worst of all, getting into any gear was something akin to driving a 1927 Bentley with a crash gear box (she asked me to mention the Bentley, just to make her feel better)

Two days of lurching around town saw me visit the dreaded local garage in desperation, and after an hour long inspection, it was decided that all could be mended, provided I deposited a large amount of cash in their bank account....

Having spent the vacation thoroughly enjoying driving my brother's Jetta behind dear old Fazda's back, she didn't realise that all of her histrionics were simply leading to one thing....time for a divorce....

Last Thursday evening I put an advert on "Gumtree" our local second hand car site, and by Friday, I had somebody willing to see her and take a chance on her, based on the photo he had seen from Flickr....

An arrangement was made for him to see her in the pouring rain in Durban on Saturday, and within the hour, he had dropped me off at home and driven off into the storm clouds, leaving me R 15000 better off...

Madame Wolseley had to be whisked out from under the dust covers on Sunday, but she was more than willing to stand in as a temporary replacement, and relieved that she no longer had to speak "Engrish" or "JapaFord" to the car in the stall next door.

One week later I can report that Madame thoroughly enjoyed dashing about town for a day or three, and even whisked me through to Durban on the hottest day of the year, to have a look at a VW Polo Classic, dating back to 2002.

One drive in the Polo had my heart all aflutter, as she even entertained me with a breath of icy cold air from her airconditioner which came as a huge relief, as temperatures rose into the high 30's outside.

I was smitten.

An hour later, all the relevant paperwork was signed, and I now have an anxious weekend to wait whilst they prepare my new bride for delivery to me at 10 am on Monday morning.

No doubt, pictures will follow, as the 2002 SA Polo does not quite look the same as those found in Europe.

At the moment she does not sport a set of decent "mag" wheels, so we will have remedy that, once I have counted what is left in the cookie jar.

Watch this space! ;0))

Now.....I am about to pour a beer and take it out to Madame Wolseley's abode, and sit down and try and explain to her just why she will have to learn at least a small bit of German if she wants to get on with her room-mate!

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  1. Stokstert's Avatar
    Nice story Fazda, you really fall in love with your wheels, always appreciate a guy who treats them like parts of the family. I enjoy your writings and photos.

    How about a new blog?
    Updated 02-05-2011 at 01:44 PM by Stokstert
  2. Fazda's Avatar
    Thanks Stokkies!

    I have always fallen in love with every car that I have bought...even the bad ones, so we'll have to put those down to divorces rather than a fond parting of ways!

    I'm running out of Blog material unless I start talking about my new love affair with the Subaru brand!!