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Eskom: Household electrical power distribution

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This procedure assumes a generator as a power source. If you are uneasy about this, check it with an electrician. He would be unhappy about some safety aspects, but it would work. The safety aspects relate to disconnecting and connecting. There is not a permanent danger while using the system.

A major issue (I cannot emphasize this enough) is to SWITCH OFF the main switch (leave it off). It is easy, like switching-off a normal switch. It is usually green on the distribution board. Switch off the geyser and stove as well for power conservation reasons.

[quote]Switch it on again (**after disconnecting your scheme**) when power returns. If Eskom power returns, the main switch is on and you haven’t disconnected your stuff, Eskom power will overwhelm your scheme and there will be sparks, burnt-out equipment, expense and tears. Disconnect (pull the plug on your scheme) before returning to Eskom power.[/quote]

You need a patch cord between the gen. set outlet socket and your chosen house input socket (to power-up your house). The patch cord needs to have a male plug on both ends to transfer power. This is bad practise (safety issue). If you prepare the house and plug everything in except for the gen. set plug, you are OK (the house is ‘dead’) Don’t plug in the gen. set until it’s started as that will place a load on the generator and make the engine difficult to start. There is always stuff that is on (electronic gate, pool pump [switch this off] etc.)

Fire it all up and note the loading on the generator meter for each item you switch-on. Determine equipment you can run simultaneously without overloading the generator. You may have to switch some stuff off occasionally. For example – if you want to run the pool pump (a greedy user) this may require you to switch-off other stuff.

You are basically going backwards here. You are isolated from the Eskom supply (switching-off the main switch) and pumping-in electricity via a wall socket thus electrifying your home. The electricity will spread throughout the wiring via the distribution board (which you **HAVE** isolated from Eskom by throwing the main switch).

Normal generator rules apply. Well vented area bla, bla. A special SA precaution – make sure the gen. set is secure, you don’t want it stolen.

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  1. Tpex's Avatar
    Interesting blog, love the personal touch "A special SA precaution – make sure the gen. set is secure, you don’t want it stolen."