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Introduce yourself

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  1. seventhson
    So What are you straight or gay?

    I am straight but oc is trying to get me in his bed
  2. Ockie
    cockaholic here! But then you all knew that already :-)
  3. Ockie
    Maybe expand this a little.

    My name is Ockie
    I am 27
  4. seventhson
    MY name is Daniel
    I am 21

    And Women want me
  5. Ockie
    Howdy mister.....Welcome and thanks for joining. Put your feet up on sevens lap. He is our communal foot rest! :-)
  6. mister
    lol. thx
  7. Spam
    Well it's me...well another me...
  8. Ockie
    @ Spam.....multiple personality se moses!!!! Have you ever considered going on Lithium for your condition?
  9. j3n0va
    Hi My name is Richard (Please don't call me Richie)
    20 when I last checked

    And I play for both teams ^_^
  10. Spam
    Oh wait...were we supposed to give real names?
    Only my friends know my real name.

    So Richard...errr...can we call you Dick?
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