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  1. mercurial
    You guys can post your flickr links here, as well as any other photography resources/links.
  2. marine1
    Thanks for the invitation
  3. mercurial
    It's a pleasure! If only the other guys would also join. Doesn't seem like they wanna
  4. Just_Ice
    As you requested mercurial, my flickr page
  5. mercurial
  6. mercurial
    Welcome BigAl-sa
  7. Telkomisaloser
    And wheres my welcome
  8. mercurial
    Welcome TIAL I only checked back now. Sorry man
  9. mercurial - See camera reviews and previews - See photos taken with certain lenses - See reviews/analysis of lenses - See photos taken with certain cameras - Lens reviews
  10. sdd
    Thanks for the invite guys. Work has been taking a lot out of me lately. I hope to post a lot soon.
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