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linux users

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  1. Lino
    hey fellow linux users, whats your fav distro and why
  2. Lino
    Hello people am I alone in this?
  3. redarrow
    Nah not alone..

    My distro of choice is Fedora

    Why? Simply because it's what I got used to, as such I have not really tried any other distro out seriously.

    Fedora has always "just worked" for me and thus I've never been pressed to try another.. (apart from mucking around on some "spare" computers )
  4. Lino
    To be honest with you, I tried Fedora a few times, it never lasted more than 1 day on my pc. Although later this year the linux course I do uses Fedora :-(

    Currently using Ubuntu, and to be honest I think I use it because its Debian based, you can't take apt-get away from me :-)
  5. Kasyx
    I loves me the Gentoo, second place is Kubuntu.
  6. stepper
    Ubuntu...with GNOME (again with GNOME).

    [rant]Dolphin file manager needs some work[/rant]
  7. Lino
    I wish they would redo KDE, become so boring and lagging compared to Gnome
  8. redarrow
    If I had the time I'd build my own Linux system ala "Linux from scratch"
    That way I could tweak it from the ground up to be just the way I want it..
  9. Lino
    I would also like to do that to be honest, although I must admit after tweaking my Ubuntu system for the last two weeks I can hardly believe its Ubuntu. So different from the released version.

    Must say one learns so much when you run linux as a main os.
    Yeah linoman, and it makes your computer fun again!
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