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Atheists Anonymous (AA)

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  1. rwenzori
    Would creationists and evangelicals please stay away - rather join the Jesus group - thanks.
  2. antowan
    It is stuff like this that makes a mod a little more fond of beer. /me just shakes his head and climbs back into the matrix. Carry on.
  3. rwenzori
    Have a virtual beer on me antowan!!!
  4. waynegohl
    room for one more?
  5. rwenzori
    Always! Welcome!
  6. waynegohl
    thanks man.
    what really gets to me is the people that preach the word turn around and do the opposite then go to church to wash their sins away.
  7. rwenzori
    Yup! Drink all week, slap the wife around a few times, go to confession on Sunday, and you've got your ticket to heaven!
  8. waynegohl
  9. anonymous0001
    oh now isnt this just too awesome ;D *waves*
  10. waynegohl
    i feel waves of emotions coming over me.
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