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Thread: Router recomendation

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    Default Router recomendation

    Hey guy need a little help. On the weekend my router was hit by lightning resulting in me losing a switch, router and motherboard .

    I am looking for a replacement for my modem router preferably with a built in 4 port hub. I was using a Planet ADE-3100 which was perfect for me. What I need is to be able to set an ADSL connection on the router that all the PC's on my network can access (local only account) while still being able to dial up a separate connection on the individual PC's (international account). Basically I am looking at the ability to dial multiple time simultaneously.

    I was looking at the Netgear 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Router (DG834GTUK) but just found out from a friend who owns one that it cannot do what I outlined above (I think what I need is a modem capable of bridge mode, but still a little fuzzy on exactly what that means).

    Can anyone recommend any inexpensive routers and places I can get them in the Joburg area? Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe look at something like the Linksys WAG200G

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    The problem is that right now I have no idea what I am looking for is called. Is it bridge, half-bridge, pass through wtc. Little confused. Kinda funny that I managed to stumble apon a Router that could do what I needed by sheer dumb luck when I originally got adsl .

    Basically the router has its own connection that anyone on the network can access and then if need be seperate accounts can be dialed on the respective machines (obviously the router still stays connected when this happens).

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