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Thread: Just wondering, I'm still kinda new at this

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    Default Just wondering, I'm still kinda new at this

    Hi everyone I'm new to the community but I've been browsing around the forums a lot.

    I'm also sorry if this is posted in the incorrect section of the forum.

    Well here's my question, I've just got a Vodacom 3G E220 and I've checked Axess's prices and found them much more economical than other ISP's and I was wondering if it's possible to get the pre-paid from Axess for the 3G or is it "locked" to the normal air time type system?

    Once again I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section.

    Thanks for any information. Matt

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    Don't really know if you can use 3G with Axxess as I think it purely ADSL based - I may be wrong *shrugs shoulders*

    Had a quick squizz at their site - not found anything in that regard, though I am on my 2nd Heineken of the evening and may have slipped up

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    Hehe thanks for that bit of uneeded info :P I hope it can as it'll be far better than what I'm paying for normal adsl.

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    3g + ADSL - diff networks - no you cant.


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    3G = Cellphones (and cards that use cellphone towers and simcards)

    ADSL = Telkom line

    If you want to buy Axxess or any of the ADSL offerings, you have to have an ADSL line, which means you have to go with Telkom.

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