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Thread: Fiber networks will reduce costs

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    Default Fiber networks will reduce costs

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    There are many reasons why MTN opted for building its own fiber network, but the lack of capacity, long waiting times and the high cost of links from Telkom were the major deciding factors.
    Man this must be hurting Telkom. I am guess that they would have made millions if they had the capacity to provide bandwidth for MTN...

    It is the fruit of their decision to chase easy profit over the past decade...

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    This is just one more reason why i hate news.. Everywhere someone reports that prices will be reduced and changes will take place.. HA.... Tell that to the next person because its always news but never reality! PLEASE.... Why don't they report news like this once its going to happen like tomorrow. Then in the report "ADSL prices will drop by 60% tomorrow" or "ADSL 4mb on offer for less than R100 uncapped.." haha Then people will believe in this country again.. Frankly i don't care anymore about any of these crappy news reports about reduced prices, because its like the lotto, you set your hopes high and it looks good to happen then..... NOTHING!! HAHAH Damn get realistic!! AAAAHHH
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    Pedestrians - wear safe practical shoes. Pavements will be in a sorry state for years to come.

    Surely this is something Neotel should have considered when laying down their own fibre? While you're digging up half of SA's major cities may as well make sure you're putting in enough fibre to provide MTN et al with services Telkom are unable or unwilling to.
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