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Thread: National Consumer Forum

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    Default National Consumer Forum

    Hi again guys

    I am busy with a follow up of the first round of letters, and discovered that the National Consumer Forum ( is actually sponsored by Telkom. In fact, Telkom is their only sponsor!

    Let us hope we get an objective view from them :-)



    [email protected]

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    I have tried to lodge a complaint with the consumer board a while back... But their website is a bit shaky and getting through to them on the telephone proved a more than just a bit difficult.

    I think this body is part of the Marketing Federation of SA.

    The point for my attempt at a complaint was that Telkom was not providing what they advertised. Superfast online gaming - this is my biggest gripe with switching over.

    At least I still have my R325 per month satelite connection and the ADSL is just a fixed monthly rate that sort of keeps this connection active most of the time.


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    It is shocking that the consumer board is solely sponsored by Telkom!

    If it was not so sad, it would be funny!

    The Great Monopoly closed all avenues for legitinmate protest. All that we have left now is all-out protest by the masses of users who are abused by this bullish Monopoly.

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    Hi Beyers

    It is indeed very sad when the legitimate channels of protest or complaint are not serving the user. This is an excellent case. Even Telkomís helpdesk is openly criticizing ADSL, and tell you that very little can be done. But having said this, I am certain we will achieve some success. There are many ways to skin a cat, and I am doing my best to discover them all!



    [email protected]

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