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Thread: ADSL is still a baby....

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    Default ADSL is still a baby....

    I think ADSL is so pathetic bcoz it's still new in our country...infrastructure still being put in place. and
    no matter how much int'l bandwidth Telkom offers us (which
    we would have to pay more for) we would still use it up.
    dont you think??? about giving it some more few years?
    [:D] just a thought...

    Hola Seven

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    South Africa.


    Hi Thibos
    Not really. I say that for a couple of reasons:
    1. It's not like ADSL hasn't been around elsewhere and it's not cutting edge - so there should be plenty of experience to draw on. Also, the problem is not ADSL per se, it's the network backing it up.
    2. It's not like Telkom has only just started offering networking services. So ADSL is new - so what. It's a different topology from others to their exchange, but after that it's really the same as other methods of connection.
    3. But most importantly, network utilisation is something you have just got to monitor at all time. They know perfectly well that they are reaching saturation more often - the tech guy at the helpdesk told me they had 100% utilisation on Sunday - yet they seem to keep piling new users onto the network. And that's one of my gripes. If you keep piling new users onto the network, make sure you can support them. I don't think they're doing that. They seem to be content just saying: well, waiit 'til all those power user's get capped and then it will start picking up again. Well, I'm one of those power users but I've become very stingy with my volume so I don't expect to be capped any time soon.

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