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Thread: Hardware and Software FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviceteck View Post
    There are many android hardware problems these days. I think its time someone in this forum provide useful information for these hardware issues. The solutions I found are just for tecno Phones repair solution, Infinix repair solutions and Itel Repair solutions.

    What about other phones like Lenova, Samsung, Iphone and the host of others. I am a phone technician and I need these solutions.
    Then start a thread detailing your problems.
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    Hope I'm posting in the right place.

    Bought a new pc a few days ago, but having a few teething issues.
    1) The soundcard does work, as I can plug in a usb headset and it works fine, but when I plug in my desktop speakers to the Line-out stereo jack at the back of the machine, it doesn't pick up the device at all. have tried updating drivers, checked that the services are running etc. Any ideas?

    2) I have a ASUS ROG MATRIX 7970 gpu. I have plugged in my primary monitor using a hdmi to dvi adaptor, and it picked it up fine. Now I am trying to plug in my secondary monitor using a vga to dvi adaptor, and that doesn't get picked up at all.

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    Hi all. Not sure where to post this but I am looking for large quantities of 2nd hand hardware at reasonable prices, any idea where I can find this ? Ideally something like old stock from a hardware refresh in a big company or something along those lines.

    Any help would be highly appreciated. thanks!

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