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Thread: Telkom is like SA Police: useless

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    Default Telkom is like SA Police: useless

    I must start by uttering my total disgust @ Telkom for providing their customers with this sort of "service". Just who do they think they are? Not only do they deny their loyal (if only because Telkom is the only telecommunications company in this country) subscribers the sort of pleasures that ASDL is supposed to give them, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY SPEND ON IT, but at the same time they are, in fact, denying South Africans - in some way or another - some form of education.

    3 Gig cap per month? How could this help anyone? The fact that Telkom want to encourage people to use only local sites is not only unrealistic, it also becomes a constitutional issue: aren't we all entitled to the right to be informed? Are we becoming the next Zimbabwe?

    If we are a so-called democracy, then situations like this should not have existed in the first place. But then again, everyone blames everyone else for the problems in this country, and meanwhile time passes and nothing gets done.

    This bureaucratic nonsense should not be tolerated in any form. It is backward thinking at its glorious best, and no one wins in the process.


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    I think most of us will pretty much agree with you. (But maybe not with the comparrison to the SA Police)

    That is why we're doing all we can to "encourage" Telkom to improve it's substandard service.

    So if you have any suggestions, feel free to lend a voice.

    United we stand!

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