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Thread: Why I WILL get ADSL

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    Default Why I WILL get ADSL

    Despite the ludicrous port prioritisation, capping, shaping, mishandling and general shoddiness of the product, I need 24 hour connectivity and I don't have very high bandwidth requirements.
    I agree that Telkom's ADSL offering is ludicrous and expensive for what you actually get, but right now, it is the only affordable option (in comparison with their other products) that meets my needs.
    I run a small office with 3 websites and international clientelle. I need to deliver real time customer service - respond to emails, update websites and generally be in contact during office hours. Up until now, I work 7pm to 7am when it is affordable to dial up! My internet costs are about to be slashed by half.
    Consumerism pushed our ADSL rollout from May 2005 to October 2003. I will continue to campaign for a real ADSL/DSL implementation that is comparable to international offerings in South Africa. Telkom think they have shut me up by delivering ADSL early to the 032 exchange. All they have done is motivate me further to push for the DSL services we deserve at a price that is fair and equitable.

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    Well said Peapod!

    It doesn't help to shoot yourself in the foot by not getting the Telkom crippled-overpriced version of a Worldclass Affordable technology and suffering.

    Better to get it and fight for the better!

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    All of your points make sense. I think this is why Telkom is smiling all the way to the bank. They know there are those of us who absolutely have to have a 24/7 connection and therefore as much as we hate the fact that we're being ripped off, we still pay. Why? Because we have no choice. It's sad really.

    United we stand!

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    We have no choice now....but wait, I have been talking to some very very clever people.
    go see
    I have been speaking to some clever lawyers about the communications act, and some very clever telecomms busines people in Denver about wireless technologies and if they are wireless, why are we bound to an SA service provider.
    Not saying too much more just yet, but watch this space.

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    I certainly look forward to hearing all about what these very very clever people have to say. [:)] Keep us informed.

    United we stand!

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    I also use ADSL because I need 24x7. The problem is that for the last 24 hrs I get minus 24x7. I can't browse my eCRM site in Canada and today I can't even get mail as it times out on the 44 mail messages I have sitting on my server in George. I am in Nelspruit. I believe Jhb has a major ADSL problem today.

    I am new to this site. Could anybody tell me if letters have been sent to the Minister with copies to the Opposition parties?

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    Telkom share price just reached R50! Wonder what it would sit at if there was competition?

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