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Thread: Got the shock of my life - blood pressure

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    Default Got the shock of my life - blood pressure

    Went to donate blood this morning and they measured my blood pressure..

    140/70 with a resting pulse of 62 ...

    I'm off to go and see my GP (who's also my dad )

    I've always have had EXCELLENT cardiovascular health - never been sick (although a wee bit sinus 2 months ago)

    I weigh about 80 kg and 1.85m in height...
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    What should mine be? I'm 30. I'm an ectomorph. I weigh 80, although I should weigh 75>. I drink moderately ... everyday at the most 2 (only since the beginning of this year). I don't eat excessively or really unhealthely. Typical bachelor food. I don't smoke ... never have, never will.
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    Not sure what exactly mine is but I know it has been low on occasions. I cant stand the sms's they send through constantly to get you to donate again. Irritates me like mad!

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    Afaik the pressure is heavily influenced by loads of factors. (Hours since last sleep, movements before test, eating, coffee consumption etc). So I wouldn't stress about the measurement....but do take another one & make sure.

    Mine is low but will shot up as the stress piles on.
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    I went to the doc the other day as I was sick and she took my blood pressure and although I cant remember what it was she said it is perfectly normal. What causes blood pressure??

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