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Thread: Butters' Law of Photonics

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    Red face Butters' Law of Photonics

    Butters' Law of Photonics

    According to Gerry Butters,[1][2][3] the former head of Lucent's Optical Networking Group at Bell Labs, there is a law called, Butters' Law of Photonics,[4] a formulation which deliberately parallels Moore's law. Butters' Law[5] says that the amount of data coming out of an optical fiber is doubling every nine months. Thus, excluding the transmission equipment upgrades, the cost of transmitting a bit over an optical network decreases by half every nine months. The availability of dense wavelength-division multiplexing DWDM and coarse wavelength division multiplexing CWDM is rapidly bringing down the cost of networking, and further progress seems assured.
    Thought some folks might find this interesting in lieu of our telecoms predicament.
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    Interesting, lets just hope its true.

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    excluding the transmission equipment upgrades
    I suspect the cost of this isn't dropping :/

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    Aah,thats great news, we should then be paying around R 6.00 per gig in 3 years time. I wish.
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