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Thread: Cell-Phone SMS Marketing

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    Question Cell-Phone SMS Marketing

    I know that the SMS marketing thing has been hashed and rehashed on these forums, probably times out of number.

    I've been involved in those threads, in the past. I remember phoning some south-african national marketing "thing" (essentialy, a big list or registry) and "opting out" with my old cell-phone number and SA ID number and that this solved the problem in the past. (I no longer get advertising SMSes to that number. (I found their contact details through Edcon)

    I now have a new number and even though I have never given that number to anyone, I'm getting annoying advertisements again.

    Can anyone remember what the solution was?

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    Thumbs up WASPA

    These guys have helped me out every time I've made a complaint regarding SMS marketing spam: WASPA.

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    Default you can report it there also.
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