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Thread: Neotel FAQ

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    Following information added:

    Purpose of this FAQ and Neotel Official Links added!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linoman View Post
    What is their current coverage?

    Download the following PDF file:
    Shouldn't you add:

    (The Coverage Map).

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    FAQ updated again (I know it has been quite some time)

    Added coverage map (Thanks McGuywer for the suggestion)

    Also added sites for Neotel news.

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    Hold on a sec, so basically there is no way of not having a Wireless Neotel connection? WTF!
    As has been said what is the point of having fibre optic cable all the way and then in the final strectch they muck it up with a wireless?

    I'm very disappointed
    Does anyone know if they plan to release a wired service and not just wireless to consumers?

    Thank you in advance for your replies

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    Off the topic but a big warning.
    Neotel have picked up on the point that it is acceptable for a service provider in RSA to offer lack of courtesy, expertise and skill.
    Their call centre is manned by the most useless numb sculls i have ever dealt with. I mean, they are useless !!!
    I have had Neotel for 3 weeks now and already my phone has been replaced due to a faulty unit. Costing me THOUSANDS OF RANDS in down time. (No phone for 48 hrs.)
    Now my email has crashed. My customers are getting their emails to us bouncing back "Delivery Status Failure" which means THOUSANDS OF RANDS of business down the drain.
    The call centre is so bad now that they tell you " Someone will call you back "
    The winner is....we had to sign a 2 year contrack. Now to cancel it we will have to go to court to sort this mess out.
    I hope they sink. They dont deserve our country and will only poison our existing terrible service provider market.

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    I'm glad I found this forum. In fact I am going to call Neotel to cancel my service immediately before my 7 days as per the NCA are up. Back to Telkom I guess

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    When is Neotel bring out their land line internet not wireless? and what speed will it be?

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    anyone know if you can use telkom and other isp accounts on the neotel network, as in dial up to my existing telkom account with a neotel modem?

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