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Thread: Gaming at MIDBAND

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    Default Gaming at MIDBAND

    Just thought i'd share my gaming experience on my recent conversion to ISDN.
    The 2 games i play the most online are Warcraft3 The Frozen Throne, and Call of Duty(Which has replaced Medal of Honour Allied Assault). War3 plays perfect on the local servers (ReasonZA) and is a big improvement on analogue obviously. On the servers, specifically US East, its almost as good, slight delay, but hardly noticable, can't really complain at all. Comparing to my 2years gaming on 512k ADSL in the UK, there's not a hell of a difference regarding this game.
    I used to play Medal of Honour obsessively every night over there, and was pretty good. It was great, there were a few thousand servers to choose from, just pick the one with the best ping, usually -50. Those days are gone unfortunately, ISDN sux on the international servers, pings in the hundreds, a distinct disadvantage, as most of the gamers (outside SA of course) have moved to 1meg lines and up. Its no fun at all[:(!].
    MOH has now been replaced by Call of Duty, and i play on the SGS Server locally. Even here though, my pings are quite a bit higher than the ADSL guys. The KILLCAM feature is a telling stat. For anyone who doesn't play this game, when you die, you get the pleasure of seeing the last few seconds of your life through your killers eyes, very cool. So, you creep up on your supposed victim, painstakingly crawling on all fours, pump him full of lead, next thing you're splattered against the wall like yesterday's breakfast. Mr Referee, not fair!
    Did i mention that i actually still suck at this game, which might also have something 2 do with it.[:D]
    So whats the verdict. about 50-50 i reckon. I can do most of what i want with isdn, in fact i'm listening to bbc radio5 live as i'm writing this, but it's still a poor second to PROPER ADSL, which as far as i'm concerned, isn't yet available in this country.

    Telkom - South Africa's Handbrake to progress.

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    Well i play COD on the SGS servers with my ADSL connection and u usually have less than 30ms ping time which is very playable. Dont try to connect to overseas servers though unless you have a death wish :)

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