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Thread: Step by Step guide to installing Garmin Mobile XT on the 6110

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    I've had the 6110 Navigator for a year and been working perfectly. However in the last month or so its taking over 20 minutes to lock on to my location.

    Looking at the GPS info view, it usually finds a satellite quite quickly but takes a while to find a few satellites to lock on.

    The only thing that I've changed on the phone is installing Nokia Maps as well, but can't see how this can affect it. Don't want to uninstalll Nokia Maps as I need to use some of the international maps on occassions and uninstalling and reinstalling is a pain.

    Any one else experiencing similar issues? Any suggestions.

    Oh, I have AGPS turned off and always been this way.


    I have now installed GARMIN MOBILE XT and same problem with that. Drove 20km to work and still hasn't locked on. So I can't tell if it even works. Looks like it does though. Instructions at the beginning of this thread were great. Thanks.

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    Nice Tutorial!! You should actually make this a Sticky

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    BTW... this should be the correct 1 for the 6210 Navigator.

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    In exactly what folder should I copy the Map gmapsupp.img

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    Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I figured a couple of things out yesterday. I am going on holiday and wanted the Australia maps, but had two problems.

    1. The file name is the same - 'gamapsupp.img'.

    2. The file size was over 100mb and didn't fit on the card - still haven't figured out the problem with my 4GB card.

    So to get around these two.

    1. The second map set can be named gmapsup2.img and unlock file gmapsup2.unl - then you can put it in the same folder (Garmin - on memory card)
    2. I found the Sydney only map.

    Another problem, and not sure if this is related to the Sydney map or a general Garmin problem (i.e. may happen with other map sets) is that when searching for a street, it finds the street, but not the address and therefore cannot place it on the map. This happened when searching for 'All Cities' and had me scratching around for a couple of hours. Eventually I put in the co-ordinates of somewhere and it located it without a problem. So I figured out that you have to select a city first and then no problems.

    I haven't had this problem with the SA maps, only the Sydney one so it could very well be related to the map.

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    Hi bro where can i download garmin xt software for nokia e66? i had been finding very hard, can share? i need singapore & malaysia map

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    Default Garmap Africa Series 2008 March Edition: Installation problems


    Does anybody know how to how to unlock the GARMAP Africa series 2008 March edition DVD ? I need a product serial key.

    I have a Nokia 6110 Navigator phone with Mobile XT ver 41080.

    I tried to download maps for my phone, but there was always a time out, so I went and bought the DVD for R99 at Outdoor Warehouse.

    Put the DVD into the drive and the auto run started.......

    I got as far as the request for a product serial key.
    How do I generate one?
    Did I do anything wrong ? Is that why the setup is asking for a key?

    I have seen quite a few post of other people who have also bought the DVD and they were able to overcome this obstacles with greater ease than me.

    Your help would be appreciated


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    Default Garmap

    Thank you to Mier , Rocket-Boy and Truetanacity.

    Finally got mapsource up and running with all the maps
    Last edited by toendra; 19-09-2008 at 07:56 AM.

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    Any new maps for Route 66 ???

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    Wow!i got it working on my new nokia n82!Thank you so much for the easy step by step tutorial.worked perfectly first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geezer View Post
    In order to download tha latest data you will first have to register on this site: I would strongly suggest you also download the "" file which has detailed info on the unzipping procedure and nessecary folder structure.
    Garminxt on my N95 is working quite nicely etc....I am now trying to get registered on Garmin to get the POI's. Has anybody figured out how to register? It wants product registration, ok I have the number of the mem card, then it wants the unit and product serial number...what goes there?...its a phone!

    Any Ideas?

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    Somehow I'm missing something. I've followed the step by step instructions by ABU but no maps when opening Garmin. Everything seems to work except that I can't see any map and down in the bottom right hand corner it shows "no map" When I try to navigate I get the message " Detailed maps are required to use this feature. Visit for more info"

    I've copies the map file to the memory card into the Garmin folder. Is it the right location or not ? There are other folders like Apps; Cache; EULA; Firmware; Font; GPX; Help; JPG; POI; Voice also in the Garmin folder on memory card.

    The map file is 154,288KB in size.

    Any ideas ???

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    For the windows mobile Fellas. I managed to get it installed and cracked on my touch diamond.

    Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile v5.00.10w
    Add full-featured navigation to your GPS-enabled smartphone with Garmin Mobile XT. Just plug this data card into your compatible phone¹ (see specs tab) and start navigating. With no monthly fees, preloaded maps, turn-by-turn directions, real-time services and only $99, this easy-to-use data card has everything you need to navigate to the front door
    Change History 
    Changes made from version 5.00.00 to 5.00.10: 
    Correct My Locations list to display the last item on the list. 
    Correct display of the Estimated Departure Time within Flight Status. 
    Correct various Google Local Search and Panoramio language issues. 
    Correct Google Local Search to return to the correct previous page when selecting 'Back'. 
    Correct Panoramio display so that it doesn't wrap back to the first item after reaching the end of the list. 
    Changes made from version 4.xx.xx to 5.00.00: 
    Update the look and feel of the Garmin Mobile XT application. 
    Add new Garmin Online feature - Google Local Search. 
    Add new Garmin Online feature - Panaramio photos. 
    Add new Garmin Online feature - Flight Status. 
    Add Speed Limit display to the View Map. 
    Add ability to install and display custom vehicle icons. 
    Modify 'Peerpoints' feature name to 'Location Message'. 
    Installation procedure:
    a) Start installation of 'GarminMobileXTforWindowsMobile_42050w.exe' from PC through ActiveSync. Select your Storage Card as destination. During the installation, files will be copied to your storage card. The files should appear in '\Storage Card\Garmin\Apps\WM'.
    b) Install 'GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe' for voice files. In storage card
    c) Install 'GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe' for Garmin's base map. In storage card
    d) Run GarminMobileXT and click "Connect to a Garmin GPS" go to 'setting\about' record the Unit ID and use keygen to create unlock key.
    e) Save as sw.unl file.
    f) Copy 'sw.unl' to '\Storage Card\Garmin'.  
    Download Instructions:
    New Gramin Keygen v1.5 + Unlocker
    This works like a charm on HTC Diamond now. All you need to do is copy the two ZA maps in the first post and update. Works brilliantly.
    Last edited by SpellJammer; 07-10-2008 at 10:09 AM. Reason: Found Solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haemoncus View Post
    Hi i would just like to know how you activate the internal gps nokia 6110. it doesnt give me the option to do it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Giant View Post
    Hi I am using an nokia 6110 navigator, I used abu's intructions on how to install the garmin maps, great suff, I only have one problem, I do not have an option to use my internal gps, can anyone please help me with this?
    Quote Originally Posted by DeanOz View Post
    Yeah I'm having the same problem...there is no option to use the internal GPS.

    Also wondering if this is only for use with those particular maps.

    Thanks in advance ...
    The reason it is doing this is because your gmapsupp & sw files that you copied accross are in txt format not unl. eg gmapsupp.unl.txt instead of gmapsupp.unl.

    go to settings--> data mgr-->filemanager-->memory card tab-->garmin
    scroll to the bottom you will see the 2 files named gmapsupp.unl.txt & sw.unl.text, press the option button and scroll to rename.

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    Abu you wouldnt happen to have the newest ZA maps would you?

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