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Thread: Neotel FAQ – Devices

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    Quote Originally Posted by failion View Post
    Neotel services.....BIG Poblems


    For the last 4 weeks and longer.......although I am in a Execellent reception area...the service is a BIG FRUSTRATING PAIN. I have made the following observations.....Only about 20% of the time is a connection made.....within 10-15 minutes the connection fails..........speeds are very slow. Switching the router on/off in efforts to make a new connection drives you CRAZY!.
    All the NEOTEL hopes and promises are duds. Complaints never get a follow-up. Despite all of this which I assume the management are ****ting themselves......they are strongly promoting the brand. Dont join you will be sorry!

    Although Telkom and Iburst are bad ..........they now seem good in comparison.

    Am I the only one suffering?
    When you say "router", do you mean the DOVADO UMR or the NeoConnect device?

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    Senior Member shaddowdragon's Avatar
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    Default Up Front Cost

    @DOVADO You do realise that the question was asked and answered. I have looked at you device as well and its around a grand. As much as it is a great device I did not assume the guy had the money or not.

    I did not get in myself as I bear the risk of having to test throughput again for wireless traffic. It took me a long time to get my wireless where it is with HD sharing over it. If I suggest he buys it and has a crap time with the new network, I would be accountable.

    Your solution seems like a good alternative but, I have no track record for it. Connection sharing is built into windows and there is no immediate overhead. For a R1000 router I expect brilliance. I cannot measure what others expectations are. What I would like to request from you is the wireless performance benchmarks on your device for distance and throughput at each stage. That would be more compelling.

    To be fair I know some people have bought your company's unit on your advise, what do they have to say about it overall?
    Basic Steps

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    Hi Shadow,

    Sorry, I didn't realize to whom the question was directed to as my statement came right before his. I thought he was addressing it to me.

    In regards to your question of any happy users. Sure, there are tons of them. You can search throughout the halls of this forum and you'll find many threads related to it, however, you can also look outside on Google and see what others have to say. There are forums in other countries as well, such as Ireland (, Facebook, etc.

    Here's one blogger in South Africa using it with Neotel:

    Cheers to you

    PS: I shot a little video last week to show how to setup the DOVADO UMR with the NeoConnect Prime:
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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by shaddowdragon View Post
    You just need to right click on the connection and enable sharing. Microsoft will default your IP to or some thing close to that. It starts a DHCP service on the PC concerned and other computers on your network can connect. Wala!

    In the real world you will have to put in IP addresses manually including gateway and DNS as to make sure its stable while allocating IPs to subsequent machines within the same subnet.
    Thanks for the help since those people answering the phones have no idea that it can be done and force you to take the neoflex data only package. For the same price you get 15gig as compared to 10gig with neoflex.

    I too have been having serious network problems and they do not come back to a person at all. I think they have hot a serious snag in their network just before they link up with the new sea cable.

    I just wished they would provide us with information what the HELL IS GOING ON I mean we are paying for a service we are not getting! Plus if you make a living using the internet this becomes a serious problem!

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    I have the Dovado UMR and it does actually work quite well. With the frequent "disconnects" where it shows as being connected but actuall is'nt. The Dovado mitigates this with the "connection tracker". It pings externally and can either redial or bounce the UMR. I dig it!

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    i must say you webpage dose not work and as for your drivers page well i think your tech must go back to school to lean to setup your server so that a client can download your drivers. don't even think of trying there you will find a date before finding drivers there i hate to say this but after failing to get the drivers from your website i will not be signing up with newtel ever
    bad service all the way round you tech on the phone ! well maybe you should try phone your support service and see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hahahahahahahahahahahah the compliment page does not work to


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    Default Neotel Device

    I am terminating neotel service end of this month, relocating to Mafikeng(NW) and neoconnect internet drops frequently. Why do i have to pay for the device that i ain't gonna be using?

    Only been using this phone for 4months, don't want to keep it !!

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    The NeoConnect Prime device is the first of its kind in the world a desktop wireless phone with high-speed Internet access based on CDMA EV-DO.
    ***** in early wet my pants from laughing so hard
    BTW I tried to the links to the drives and got the neotel logo "404"

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    Another question for the neotel fundis. I have a modem with a RUIM and a 15GB per month data bundle. I am happy with it but I want to order another RUIM with 15GB data on the month to month option (since they dont have any upgrade option bigger than 15GB). Neotel says it is impossible since they can only allow one ruim per modem.

    Is this true?

    They advised me to buy a prepaid RUIM and load prepaid data (which of course is more expensive) and use it when my data bundle is depleted. This advice made me even more suspicious of the fact that they are not allowed to register 2 RUIMs on one device...

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    About time to update this not so? Last done 6 years ago?????????

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