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Thread: Neotel FAQ - Networks / Rollout

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    So you did an enquiry about fixed line but quizzed her about wireless?

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    You shared a great content of neotel, will be in search of its coverage area in the near future covering the whole region.

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    Constantia, Western Cape


    Is there a map of the fibre coverage area in CT?

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    Good morning, you can check your coverage by using the map found on the below link. Please use your exact address ie: Property number, road name, area.

    coverage map:

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    Default Neotel FAQ - Networks / Rollout

    ****!horrible!.had Neotel for 1 year and my connection was stable for 2 months in the hole year.i would not recommend them to anyone!to much incompetent people working there that don't know anything about what they are doing....

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