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Thread: Browsers freeze on live cam stream sites

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    Default Browsers freeze on live cam stream sites

    When I visit sites where people stream live cams, my browsers (both IE7 and Firefox 3) freeze after a few seconds and gives me an error, Firefox/IE has experienced an error etc, if you click on more details, you get:

    "AppVer: ModName:
    ModVer: Offset: 000aba97"

    Browser then has to be restarted. I've googled the issue and although others have reported the same problem, nobody seems to know a solution. It is clearly a Flash related issue. I can play the flash videos on Youtube fine, but any live camstream site that utilises flash, crashes almost immediately.
    I have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed, version 9,0,124,0
    I've uninstalled it, re-installed it, makes no difference.

    As a test, please visit this site that uses a live cam feed:
    Does your browser crash as well?

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any solution? Any cam feeds on also give me the same error. It's not the sites themselves because I get it at any live cam feed site that uses flash.

    I'm running XP
    (Please note that I had no problems viewing live cam streams these sites a few months ago - only thing that's changed on my computer is an update to XP SP3 and perhaps a flash upgrade to the latest version)
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    no freezing here on FF3
    i did a bit of an audit one month and discovered i had spent R600 on alcohol so i gave it up .......
    ........ the auditing, not the alcohol

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