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Thread: Gloves are off WE finaly see some competition

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    Default Gloves are off WE finaly see some competition

    Well well well, Telkom has finally woke up to smell the coffy.
    Do you recon in 6 months time we will have ADSL connection 4 R300 including ISP fees, free modem, no caping and 10 free [:0] blowjobs a month [}:)].....LOL

    Read up...
    High-speed Internet access becomes more affordable

    Date: 02 March 2004 Issue: Seventy eight (01/03-05/03)
    (ICT World)
    Category: Local News

    Telkom says it has today enhanced its Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) offering by introducing a free modem bundle.

    This is expected to enable more South Africans to enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet access at more affordable installation rates.

    The enhancement to Telkom's market-endorsed ADSL offering enables a customer to get connected to broadband Internet access for R404 on a 24-month contract. The new contract package includes a free modem and the opportunity for customers to choose an ISP of their choice as this portion is charged separately. TelkomInternet offers ISP products Prolog and Prolog Plus.

    The new package comprises up-front installation at R404 - VAT inclusive - which is payable on the first bill. Customers can then choose a free ADSL modem of their choice, which, according to current market prices, translates into a saving of about R1 500.

    Customers will be expected to sign a 24-month contract. The monthly rental for ADSL residential customers is R680, VAT inclusive, and R800, VAT inclusive, for business customers. Penalties apply for early contract cancellations. The customers, who buy their modem from any other outlets, can still order the ADSL service at standard published rates.

    Telkom's chief sales and marketing officer, Nombulelo Moholi, says: “Telkom has taken another step to reduce the entry cost to broadband Internet access for all South Africans.

    “Research has shown that current ADSL customers surf 70 to 80% more compared with when they were using a dial-up connection. Telkom took the trend to heart and decided to advance the customer's experience of the Internet.”

    Telkom launched ADSL in 2002. ADSL is an always-available, flat-rated access service to the Internet. ADSL uses a modem technology that turns an ordinary telephone line into a multi-tasking tool.

    Customers can order the service via by calling the business call centre on 10217, or by visiting a Telkom Customer Service Branch.
    Moholi says offering customers a package with a 24-month contract, and a free modem at the same price as the standard monthly ADSL product, will attract many who saw the upfront investment in a modem as a barrier to entry.

    “Telkom is advancing its efforts to offer customers holistic solutions for both voice and data,” Moholi concludes.

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    no get their crap modem for free (well you realy are paying R404 for it) and still have the privilege of paying R800 pm for a service that costs the equivalent of R210 pm in the USA (with no caps, can I add).

    At the moment Mywireless is the most cost effective way to get an internet connection thats always on, although still not cheap.

    my 2c

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    Dont forget the port stranglulation that happens on ADSL + the fact that it isnt as mobile as MyWireless...

    Hellkom's just trying to sell the same crap in a new bundle - they haven't actually reduced the subscription for people that already have an ADSL modem... [:(!]

    ** How can Telkom claim to "Touch Tomorrow" when it can barely touch yesterday?
    Because they're a BIG, GREEDY, MONOPOLY intent on keeping South Africa in the stone age. **

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    This has not changed one iota, Telkom are simply trying to con people like the did with the "SurfMore" packages. A 24 month 'contract' with a free modem is exactly what we are trying to appeal in the Sentech MyWireless system. They may realise that Sentech are serious about competing, but other than that they seem way to cocky in their position - I'm glad to see that real constructive public opposition is rapidly increasing though.

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    "Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak."

    NetLink Research

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    This topic was posted here and my comments to this new telkom "initiative".

    Telkom's ADSL modem bundle

    Anyone reckon we have cross subsidisation. The flavour of our new government. Modern day Robin Hoods.

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    Thred snacher.. lol...[:p] fine we go chat away in it.. lol

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    If it wasnt for sentechs horrid gaming pings I dont know why everyone would just druk Telkom a vet pit.[|)]

    Must think happy thoughts about the antenna!!!

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    lol lol lol druk wet pit .. rolof.. [:I]

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