Is this easy to setup - last time an accredited installer came I got ripped off so badly (R750 to change a single LNB) now I want to try and D.I.Y it if I can.

So according to nochoice I would need the following:

1. Dual LNB - is this just a case of unscrewing the single LNB I have and replacing it with the new one - I gather I won't need to realign the dish or anything? DSTV website says these are R650, on bidorbuy about R250.

2. 2 x new decoders. Ok I don't want a PVR so I can get the new model standard decoders, these are R399 each.

3. Cabling. I will have the decoders in separate rooms, so if I understand correctly I need a cable from the dual LNB to each decoder and then another cable from decoder 1 to decoder 2 - so that nochoice can marry them to one subscription?
Cost here again nochocie say about R8 a metre I think, on bidorbuy a 100m roll is about R120 - I would probably need less, but that's a good price.

4. A few connectors 3 to be exact, about R30

So are there any complications I can run into - as far as I can see the procedure would be as follows:

1. Replace single LNB with dual LNB
2. Hook up existing cable to new Lnb
3. replace old decoder with new decoder and check that everything is working
4. put new cable on second lnb connection and run it to the other room
5. connect cable to second decoder
6. connect a new cable from decoder 1 to decoder 2
7. phone no choice to activate smart cards

Is there anything I am missing, it looks and sounds simple enough or am I being too optimistic?