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Thread: Death-by-Cap still around?

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    Default Death-by-Cap still around?

    Does anyone know if iburst still suffers from death by cap?

    For those not around long enough to know, it was when they first opened, and you would get super-fast speeds, then you got capped and instead of 64mbps you got 0.0000mbps - it just stopped working.

    I am contemplating fishing my old iburst modem out of the dungeon to use it again but am worried I'm letting pandora out....

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    Not that I know of. I was capped to death in back in 2006, and it's never happened since because I can't use the bandwidth to become capped due to their shaping.

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    hmmm. so you're not happy with it? I'm trying to decide, my ADSL line is just annoying me now, its so unstable, and my speeds suck. I really dont feel like calling telkom to look as I would like it fixed before i retire.

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    chronos the trend nowdays is constant disconnection, and downloads would simply stop for no apprent reason

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    wonderful. is that usually after hitting cap?

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    I would strongly recommend that you try any other provider. iBurst is horrible! I'm capped at the moment and it takes several minutes just to open any web page. Don't even bother trying to use facebook... so bloody slow.

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