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Thread: Help please, and signal tester crap

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    Default Help please, and signal tester crap

    HI everyone
    Next door got Nowire to come test there signal, and asked if I wanted to etst aswell, so I said yes.

    Guy arrives, all he has is a modem, plonks it down and sees if it can connect, and then wants R150 !!!!!!!!

    No special test equipment nothing!!! Says thats how Nowire does it !!! Ands demands R150

    Anyway, next door gets 2 bars signal from tower 66 and connects, at my place it sees 4 bars from tower 82 and says "cannot connect" the whole time even with there little plastic "patch antenna".

    I am about 5km from tower 82, but only 3km from 66

    Anyone got a suggestion on who can help me properly ?

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    In general that is the extent of the signal testing done by most ;-) A few will also have a parabolic 19Dbi antenna in the boot [:D]

    You're in the unfortunate posistion of having signal overlap. In order to get things working you'll have to find a spot where 82 isn't picked up and 66 is. You could also put up a rather directional antenna (cantenna/pringles/patch/parabolic) to try screen out 82.

    Hope this helps


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    I think a signal tester should come with a small variety of long and wide cans for proper testing. the patch antennas are apparently not as good as a can but I guess they arent selling cantennas.

    I reckon if you are paying, it should be a personal QandA session plus at least 15 min downloads/pings/browse/MySignal test etc. I was willing to pay R50 way back when for this kind of thing. Personally, I wouldnt mind seeing the 512k in action just to know what *can* be achieved [;)]

    Apparently the nowire guys have no idea what they are doing (heard from various sources). Maybe someone should point them to the forum or give them some formal training. Thats why its always best to get a test from a user since he knows the tricks to get good signal and can report performance history etc regarding the service (with no bias to buy).

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    So, any user in the Fontainebleau / Randburg area wanna pop over for a cuppa Java (the real stuff), a friendly chat and a signal test? I do not seem to be getting any joy out of some of the companies floating around that can do signal tests (they simply make a time and then never arrive).

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    Wireless 2 sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, if you are disgruntled and feeling that this guy did you in please send me an email and maybe we can sort something out, I have talked to some people after reading your post earlier and they say that your experience is not acceptable.

    As Greedyflyza has said a singal test is not only a TEST of Singal it is a QandA session, the modem should be conencted to a PC and should be seen to connect and at what speeds and that it doesnt get dropped from the network. I dont know about how other people conduct their tests but if you want to know whether you have singal, you want to see how the Sentech product compares to dialup or their current internet product and the tester/agent should show them and tell them about their options....

    You should have been told about the charge before the test and how the test is conducted so that you know what you are in for

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    We had a guy from NoWire at our office and they didn't charge us anything to test. Maybe it was because they could not get it to work.
    But i know they don't actually know how the antennas work and that u should point them almost exactly at the tower especially if it is a high gain dish antenna.

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