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Thread: Northriding and Surrounds connection

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    Default Northriding and Surrounds connection

    Anyone experience virtually no connectivity last night in the Northriding/Olivedale and surrounding areas?

    Modem showed 1 bar of strength which was intermittent. Same applied this morning.

    As per usual Network status shows everything hunky dory whilst there was no incident report reflecting any problems (which is par for the course for these guys as they do not have enough manpower to post all the incident reports).

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    May 2008
    Roodepoort, JHB


    Yes, I saw that last night except wouldn't even load at all, and packet loss was something out of a horror movie- was 80%

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    Erm, Shaun. As much as we appreciate the post concerning Kempton Park, they are not the only area that has been experiencing serious issues and it would be nice if all issues could be treated similarly.

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