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Thread: HELP ME!

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    Default HELP ME!

    I don't know where else to ask, having a hard tim egetting an answer. I did a backup (or tried) of my XP Pro PC with Norton Ghost, and during the first reboot where it loads the Dos program it gives me a "Boot Disk Failure". I used XP CD to boot to install and examine my partition layout and my C drive is now an E drive and Norton made some new drive as the boot. How can I fix this. I have never used the recovery console.
    Please help. Garfield if you're out there...

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    Exact same thing happened to a mate of mine. Not sure of the finer details but I do know he was screwed and ended up re-formatting and re-installing from scratch.

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    Installing from scratch will be the quickest... FDISK your drive and reformat, then reinstall XP... I've tried the imaging as well with a few different programs but I usually end up re-installing...

    Try it's a very good site with a lot of helpful people

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    I use True Image 7, it's super easy to use and in my opinion far better than any other imaging program. I've re-imaged my drives a few times with no problems.

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    All might be not lost, if your friend can back up that ghost image first if he is going to reformat. If he isnt going to format then dont bother. After installing windows, install ghost and then use ghost explorer to view the image. He can retrieve data from within the ghost image and copy it to the harddrive. Eg Documents, saved games etc.

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    This is one of those interminable problems one experiences with proprietary software, in my opinion. There is something very quirky about XP and ghosting software - I had the same problem a while back. Ended up trashing everything and starting from scratch (fdisk), but I still ended up with the boot drive as drive G, even though I made sure the MBR's on all drives was zero-bit - how weird can you get? The unit is a multi-drive machine, and remaining drives were H, I, J and so on. All I could think of was that somehow the SCSI adapter confused XP (machine has both IDE and SCSI controllers). Anyway, trashed everything and converted the unit to a multi-distro Linux box - what a relief!

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    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">but I still ended up with the boot drive as drive G<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">

    XP is a bit flaky when it comes to the drive letter selection when you install from scratch. My experience is if the harddrive has no partition then XP will make its drive letter the letter after all CD Roms and if you have any Smart Cards they will capture the first few Drive Letters. I did an install on my Nephews PC and he has a 4in1 card reader. Also his harddrive was brand new and had no partition. Thus we only noticed after the installation was finished that XP assigned the Harddrive the letter H. The Card Readers were assigned the letters C,D,E and F and the CD Rom was assigned the letter G. Thuis the next available letter was H for the unpartioned space on the harddrive. His machine still had H as its Drive Letter. I have not altered it yet. Besides you won’t be able to alter it either in XP without causing some major headaches. I dont even think you will be able to even boot up.

    So from that day I have always made sure I partition the harddrive first. You can also temporarily remove the smart card reader on installation. I also notice if you have Raid on your motherboard, XP will assign drive letters to the any harddrive on the ide controllers first before assigning letters for harddrives on the Raid Controller. So I just remove harddrives off the IDE controllers first if I want the Raid Controller to have my Active XP partition on it using the drive letter C:

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    Hi there,

    There is a way of reseting the Master Boot Record in order to make Windows boot correctly. I used it to fix a dud multi system installation once with Windows 98 SE. Windows XP uses "fixmbr" command. In Windows 98 you used the fdisk /mbr command.

    Best way to avoid this problem is to avoid making the mistake in the first place.

    Try these solutions:

    Keywords you can use for more searches are:

    Master Boot Record
    Fixing the MBR in Windows XP Pro


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    Ah - I remember using fdisk /mbr, which had no effect. Didn't know about fixmbr, but then I'm on *nix. I wrote zero-bits to the MBR using a CD bootable distro (I think I used Knoppix - could've been the Gentoo LiveCD), using dd - still didn't work. Ah well - I'll know next time to use fixmbr if I ever have to do this again (doubtful!) - thanx ANT...

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    Has anybody tried instead of ghost with XP?

    I've got it as part of the rescue CD from

    The partimage package runs very well over the network using mount -t smbfs....

    Ok - this is not for the Linux illiterates [:D] but it seems to work

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