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Thread: Ad Hoc Data bundle activation

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    Default Ad Hoc Data bundle activation

    I have a voice Vodacom contract with Autopage. I am really battling to get an ad hoc data bundle on this contract. I managed a couple of months back to get one from Autopage. IT really is a pain working with Autopage and getting anything done. So my question is, is it possible for me to get an ad hoc data bundle from vodacom directly or do I have to go through Autopage (this thought make me ) .

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    No you cant, friend of mine had the same problem, you have to go the painful autopage route rather than the slightly quicker vodacom ruite.

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    AutoPage has got to be the worst SP that is out there....I have seen bad, but these guys really don't deserve to be associated with VC, or any other operator out there, simply because:
    1) Customer Care does not exists
    2) Credit department will (I repeat WILL) mess the extend where you get blacklisted and it is not even your fault
    3) It now seems that activating a data bundle is also an issue...

    Taking the above into account, why...I ask Autopage still doing business?!?! Autopage continues to amaze me!

    I had a call from Autopage last week where I was offered:
    1) A brand new phone when,
    2) I take out a contract with them....
    ...whow....let me think...NO...I will rather use the post office and snail mail to communicate before I sign up for anything with Autopage!
    If all else fails - GOOGLE it!

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    I got the same call they spoke my ear off for about 5 minutes about how every thing is for free, if you pay R100 a month...... I just put the phone down.

    I must admit, who still uses Autopage? why not just go directly to Vodacom/Mtn/cell c?

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    port elizabeth


    i actually havent had a problem with autopages services yet. the branch i deal with has excellent customer service

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