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Thread: Buying online VS Retail stores

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    Default Buying online VS Retail stores

    How many of you buy online, have you had a bad experience or a good one.
    How would you rate SA's online industry.

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    I have had a good experience with the Simplicity purchase I had a month ago. I personally still prefer going to a stare instead. I get what I want there and then. If I have a problem I return it there and then.

    With online it's a little bit more tricky, you have to wait for the delivery. If you have a problem you have to wait for the driver to collect it, then it takes a few more days just to do the replacement delivery.

    That is the only reason I would prefer Retail to Online.

    But the Bargains are all online /cry
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    I'm a fan of ... Grrrrrreat prices and good delivery service.
    But if Incredable Corruption has a sale on're not gonna find cheaper.
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