The success of the 2007 MSSA Online league and South African National LAN Championships that were held at Olympic House, laid solid foundations not only for the 2008 MSSA Online League, but also for the MSSA's rather adventurous and bold hosting of the first ever African Continental Computer Championships.

The reason why the MSSA opted to host in South Africa rather than to send a team to another event is two-fold. So many times a South African team is sent overseas to compete and to find that through insufficient support and funding, such team performs poorly and diminishes the reputation of gaming in South Africa. Also the teams that are often sent to campaign overseas do not share their knowledge upon their return to South Africa, mistakenly believing that the knowledge attained by them while playing in top level competition is to be hoarded and not shared.

In order to ensure an improvement of the average standard of gaming in South Africa, the MSSA encouraged Team SK of Sweden to participate in the 2008 African Continental Computer Championships.

SK Gaming, although consisting of the top players in e-sports gaming, are renown for their efforts in nurturing upcoming talent and making them into the stars of today.

Thus the entry of the teams from SK Gaming into the African Continental Championships for the games of DoTA and COD4 will leave many valuable lessons long after the 2008 African Continental Computer Championships are a distant memory as many gamers shall have learnt from the best that Europe has to offer..

Since the Championships will be played over five rounds to the modified Swiss System, no less than five teams will get the chance to face off against these indomitable Swedes as they battle it out for the position of Champion of Africa.

However, to also further accredit the position of Computer Gaming as an accredited sport, the MSSA has chosen a national team which has been fully accredited by SASCOC and the Protea Colours Board.

The team shall officially receive their Protea Colours on Wednesday, 3 December 2008 at the Old Edwardian Society in Lower Houghton in Johannesburg and consists of the following gamers:

Marc "Saidin" Bowes
Matthew "SixiS" Hirst
Gottfried "Vivi" Roodt
Richard "DeMoNiK" Sjoberg
Heinz "Blizzy" Staschen
Christopher "Machine" van Riel
Manager: Ryan van den Bergh

The South African Protea Computer Gaming Team consists of what the MSSA believes, the best DotA players in South Africa. The Protea Team will take on Team SK from Sweden in an official test match (5 December 2008) as well as fight off all comers in the DotA section at the African Continental Computer Championships (6 and 7 December 2008) .

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