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Thread: Neotel NeoFlex Data FAQ - General

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    Default Neotel NeoFlex Data FAQ - General

    What is NeoFlex?

    NeoFlex is Neotel’s range of wireless services targeted at multi-user small businesses and homes. It is based on CDMA2000, one of the global 3G wireless standards.

    NeoFlex Data provides high performance Internet access with peak download speed of 3.1 Mbps (450 – 900 kbps average) and upload speed of 1.8 Mbps (300 – 700 kbps average). This can be shared between multiple users on a LAN or Wireless LAN.

    NeoFlex Voice provides an analogue voice-only line (a device with a telephone socket) that can be connected to a PABX, or a cordless or standard telephone. Note: NeoFlex Voice is currently available only via Neotel’s Samsung channel; call 0860 636835.

    Details are available at:

    What is the difference between NeoConnect and NeoFlex?

    The NeoConnect range (NeoConnect Lite and NeoConnect Prime) are optimum for a single-user home or small office environment, and provide voice, SMS and data on a single device.

    The NeoFlex range (NeoFlex Voice and NeoFlex Data) are optimum for a multi-user office or home, and provide PBX / phone line (NeoFlex Voice) or LAN / Wireless LAN (NeoFlex Data) connectivity.

    If I get NeoFlex Data, can I also get a voice service?

    If you need a voice service as well, you have a choice of products you can purchase.

    NeoFlex Voice is a good companion product for NeoFlex Data, as a single line or multi-line voice service. Since it provides an analogue telephone line, it can be connected to a standard telephone, a cordless telephone, or a PABX.

    NeoConnect Lite is a standalone telephone that supports voice, SMS and low-speed Internet. A voice-only (“home phone”) package is available on NeoConnect Lite.

    What Internet speeds can I expect with NeoFlex Data?

    NeoFlex Data has a peak download speed of 3.1 Mbps, but the average experience will be in the range of 450 – 900 kbps. The peak upload speed is 1.8 Mbps, with the average in the range of 300 – 600 kbps. Overall, the performance is similar to what you can expect from technologies like HSUPA.

    You can check your download and upload speed directly on Neotel's core network on

    Where is NeoFlex available?

    NeoFlex is available in Jo’burg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. It can be purchased from Neotel’s consumer call centre on 0800 333 NEO (0800 333 636), online via the Neotel website, or via one of our channels (PostNet, Autopage, Samsung).

    Every serious enquiry is logged, and is plotted on a target coverage map used in planning. So if you don’t have coverage, and you really want it, get all your neighbours interested as well.

    Is there a coverage map available for NeoFlex? Will Neotel update it as areas go live?

    An online map is available at:

    The map is updated as new sites are added, typically once a week.

    Is there is any coverage outside the published boundaries?

    Yes, but not guaranteed. The cells in CDMA networks “breathe” – they shrink as they get more loaded. Neotel only promises coverage and sells the service where there will continue to be good coverage in future. NeoFlex Data will fall back to the lower (1X) speed in poorer coverage areas.

    Does the service need to be installed? Will it work anywhere?

    NeoFlex Data uses a wireless device that does not need any physical installation, and will work anywhere where there is coverage within a city. The device has battery back-up, and can be used for two to two and a half hours without recharging.

    Will a NeoFlex Data device work in another city (another area code)?

    Neotel’s service is offered within code areas, and not across multiple area codes. Each NeoFlex Data service has a geographic number associated with its area (e.g. 011, 012, 021, 031), even though it is a data-only service.

    What packages are available and what do they cost?

    NeoFlex Data is currently available in a 10GB and 15GB package. Neotel is committed to meeting customer requirements, and if there is a significant demand for other packages, these may be offered.

    Pricing is on the Neotel Consumer website, and summarised here:

    How does your price compare with the market rates?

    Neotel believes that this product offering provides unprecedented value within its class. A comparison can be found here:

    Is there an unlimited package on NeoFlex Data?

    No. Neotel caters for those requiring an unlimited package (no cap) with the NeoConnect Prime and NeoConnect Lite unlimited offerings.

    Is NeoFlex Data available as prepaid?

    Not currently. Prepaid voice and data will be available during 2009, and implementation is underway.

    Apparently, subscribers are required to pay a deposit. Does this apply to all subscribers?

    Neotel’s pricing guide reflects the basic package and fee structure and there are no hidden costs. Neotel has partnered with TransUnion ITC for credit verification. A combination of customer information, held at TransUnion ITC, and the internal Neotel credit policies is applied at application stage. Certain customers may be required to submit a security deposit. This is a standard practice in the industry and is in line with all of the necessary regulation that governs the industry. The security deposit is refunded to the customer should he/she wish to terminate services at any stage.

    Can I upgrade from an existing NeoConnect service to NeoFlex Data?

    If your requirement is purely Internet, and for higher download speed (3.1 Mbps vs 2.4 Mbps), or particularly for higher upload speed (1.8 Mbps vs 153 kbps), then you may want to migrate. Note that there is no Uncapped option on NeoFlex Data, but a cap of 15GB is available.

    There are several migration options, including keeping your NeoConnect device at no cost to you; should you agree to a minimum term of commitment on your NeoFlex Data package. You can obtain more details on this from our call centre 0800 333 NEO (0800 333 636).

    Is NeoFlex Data broadband?

    Neotel doesn’t call its 3.1 Mbps NeoFlex Data service broadband. It refers instead to high-speed Internet. However, by this definition, many of the other so-called “broadband” offerings in South Africa, such as HSUPA and iBurst are not broadband either. The typical performance of NeoFlex Data is similar to other advanced 3G services, since it’s based on similar technology.

    Can one choose to purchase the device up front and what are costs?

    Currently there is no option to purchase the device up front.

    Can I share the NeoFlex Data service with my neighbours?

    The device is intended for multiple users. However, the account will be billed to a single individual or company; the monthly subscription and usage fees of the package are the sole responsibility of the individual or company with whom Neotel has entered into the NeoFlex Data contract.

    Why do I need sign the Wi-Fi disclaimer when purchasing the service?

    The Wi-Fi disclaimer is intended to make the customer aware of the security implications of not enabling Wi-Fi security options, should they choose to enable the Wireless LAN. These risks include unauthorised usage, where the customer would be liable for any associated costs.

    How do I know how much data I have used?

    At present, you are required to contact the call centre on 0800 333 NEO (0800 333 636) and request your data usage details; also, the total for the month will appear on your bill. However, an online service is currently being developed.

    What if I do not use my full data bundle for the month, or go over my data bundle for the month?

    Unused data does not roll over to the following month. Should you exceed your data bundle you will be billed at the out-of-bundle rate (8c/MB).

    If I move to an area outside our region do I have to re-apply?

    If you move to another region within coverage (another dialling code area e.g. 011 to 021) you will simply need to register the device for that region.

    What happens if I move to an area where Neotel does not have network coverage?

    If you move to a region with no coverage, Neotel will terminate the agreement at no cost, provided you return your device in working order.

    Who do I go to for support on this service?

    Contact the Neotel Contact Centre on 0800 333 NEO (0800 333 636).

    How is the contract fee structured? Can I cancel the contract?

    Neotel currently offers 24 month contracts. In addition to the service subscription fee based on the cap size, the monthly payment includes a recurring device fee for 24 months.

    Should you wish to terminate your service at any time, you can do so, and you are only liable for the outstanding device fee, and not the outstanding service subscription fee.

    Further FAQs: and

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    Default I must commend Neotel for hiring "special" people!!

    Kudus and well done to Neotel!

    I can only assume from my attempt to sign up for the NeotelFlex Data service that Neotel employ "special" people in their technical department, so a pat on the back to Neotel.

    Needless to say, I didn't get Neotel Data and nor do I know if I can get it, but at least I can be happy in the knowledge that Neotel care about the challenged people!

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    Default Frustratingly Slow Internet From Neotel

    I wouldn't reccomend NeoConnect for connecting to the internet because of the service. It is really slow, I'm in a good coverage area and my download speed has been stuck at 4,36Kb/s. The highest it ever went to was 89kb/s. The vodafone service is faster. The estimated download time of 100mb files is 14hrs.Today I tried to download a 374mb MOD for COD4 and its estimated time was 4days. I put it to download at 7 this orning and it is ahead of schedule, now at 3.45pm it is 15% complete.

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    Does anybody know where you can test drive the Neotel service in Durban?
    Do they offer testing accounts for 7days, before being locked into a contract?

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    How do I know how much data I have used?

    At present, you are required to contact the call centre on 0800 333 NEO (0800 333 636) and request your data usage details; also, the total for the month will appear on your bill. However, an online service is currently being developed.

    Surely an online service is best? How far is the development? for Lions rugby chat
    @waltwjl for LionsWorld on twitter for LionsWorld on FB

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    hi there, does you peeps have disconnection issues with the neoflex. because i want to get neoconnect lite uncapped or the neoflex 5Gig.

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    i have had this service for a while, simply because i've emailed them 3 times asking how to cancel and never got a reply. its a crap service, overpriced, unstable and fluctuating latency, and the most horrible support i've experienced in SA. seriously, if i could get an answer on how to cancel this thing i'd be long gone.

    i really find neotel to be disgustingly useless, and the GARBAGE their ceo feeds us in their pathetic monthly newsletter tells me he has never used his own services. what a tragedy neotel is, all they've done is made me realise that telkom isnt that bad after all, which is why i've ordered a second adsl line. our company recently moved to neotel as well, it's so bad that no one in our department plugs into the lan unless they want to print, we all just use our 3g cards because neotel bandwidth is crap.

    shame on you neotel.

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    Which network towers does neotel use

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