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Thread: Advanced exchange trading - scam?

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    The "Mustang International" guys are still going strong.

    Had a call from a Michelle this morning singing her nursery rhyme (what it sounded like).

    I explained
    a) I'm not interested
    b) I wish to never be contacted again by them
    c) I wish to know where they obtained my personally identifiable info (tel nr)

    Explained that b & c are as per the ECT Act. Naturally b also a per the newer CPA act.

    She could not help. I asked to speak to her supervisor and got cut off - WRONG!!!

    Quick research lead me to a recruitment ad at Jobspace. This led to Sharetrackin as tel: +27 12 940 0800

    A quick call to Sharetrackin confirmed Mustang is a franchise of them. I was also give the Mustang tel nr as 0126431472 (which corresponds to the advert I found).

    Phoned and demanded I be removed and also wished to get the identifying details of the source that supplied them my details. I'm waiting ....

    Research also shows that this company has zero respect for the privacy of the consumer and is not abiding by the CPA and allowing parties to be removed from their list.

    My suggestion:
    If you get a call, let the agent come visit. Be prepared and have two copies of a document ready he must sign - that they will remove you and also supply you with he identifying source of your details with 10 working days, making sure he signs it before showing him the door taking his copy with him. If he refuses to sign, press charges under the CPA and ECT Acts. Simple.

    If these unethical marketeers wish to treat the consumer like trash and waste your time, treat the marketeer like trash and waste their time. I'm waiting for the next call....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webber.southafrica View Post
    I fully agree with the comments made by helencatzy.

    The software package being sold is called Sharetrackin and it is promoted through a telemarketing company called Mustang Marketing based in Centurion. The package costs R16,950. The commission paid to a telesales consultant is R100 per SALE. The telesales staff are not told what they are selling, but are given "training" on how to sell the unknown software package. One of the lines that the telesales person are asked to recite to the person being called is that they will get "R1000 free shares" (apart from the stale jokes and comebacks for various possible answer!)

    Read more complaints here:

    I placed a complaint on HelloPeter about this but it seems that HelloPeter believes this to be an "employment issue" and not a service issue. Hmmm.... I disagree, how can this be an employment issue when people are never employed and an employment contract never exists between the parties? Suspicious activity at Mustang Marketing? Definitely seems suspicious to me!

    If they treat their own "staff" (unpaid) like rubbish, how do they treat their customers?

    Mustang Marketing in Centurion, managed by Rickie, seems to be running a "use-labour-for-free" scam. They definitely get people to work for them for free. They advertise positions to new victims every week in a lot of media and on the Internet, but Mustang Marketing don't pay these poor people.

    Rickie and the other managers from Mustang Marketing mistreat the call-centre staff, they belittle, manipulate and threaten the staff making these people believe that they are "THE all powerful" and that no-one can touch them. They use well known abusive controlling tactics, like those used in the army. They have no respect for anyone.

    There is also a catch when people become "employed", the "staff" do NOT get employment contracts and are told that they are "on training". After a few weeks or perhaps a month, if the staff do not walk out and never return (out of their own choice),they are given a range of excuses (or threats) and told to "leave" in the rudest possible way - and of course these people walk away without getting a cent for the hours they spent calling people from lists!

    This is how they have people work for them year in and year out - at zero cost!

    These poor and desperate work seekers were initially promised a basic salary of R3000 a month plus commission, and they are told they can earn up to R25,000 a month.

    This seems impossible because the commission is R100 per SALE. This would mean that a call centre employee would need to make 10 SALEs a day (not leads) for 22 days a month. How do you get 10 people a day to splash out that sort of money on a stock market program? I certainly don't want it, and neither does anyone else that I know, and we are all high income earners.

    However, the story gets more interesting, after a bit more research, I found the post advertised on the Internet for R3550pm, but after visiting the premises and speaking to some of the people, they don't even get R3000 out a month, it is less than this. The horror stories are all the same, they all are desperate for work, and "everyone eventually leaves after they have had enough of the abuse".

    Beware of these people - they certainly seem prey on the poor.

    I am almost certain that several laws are being broken here and that the department of labour as well as the media should be informed so that they can investigate what is going on.

    The best place to start with the media is 3rd Degree because everyone has SABC, and the SABC viewers are the most likely victims of Mustang Marketing (the low income job seekers). 3rd Degree should investigate and report their findings.

    A pinhole camera works wonders.

    Mustang marketing in Centurion - beware. Do not blame or hang up on the call centre, talk to the staff about the managers and how the staff is treated, tell them about the Internet and read up on other people's experiences. Remember the name - Mustang marketing!
    Sounds like the same tactic used by Medizone (also in centurion) that sell ozone or something machines...
    Quote Originally Posted by saor View Post
    saor is a dumbass

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    Rule of thumb: Never ever buy something from someone that cold calls you. Do your own investigation and pick a provider if you need something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sollie View Post
    The "Mustang International" guys are still going strong....
    Quick research lead me to a recruitment ad at Jobspace. This led to Sharetrackin as tel: +27 12 940 0800 ....
    Enter into this cold calling fray "Investor's choice". Just had a call from them, guy named Fanus.

    Seems our CPA and ECT acts are no match for unscrupulous and unethical businesses. When asked where my details were obtained and also to be removed from their marketing lists, the phone gets put down. Needless to say it's an unlisted number they are calling from.

    A bit more digging and ...

    I also found this:
    Verkoopskonsultante verdien tot R45 000 pm. En al jou afsprake word vir jou gemaak !
    Betroubare vervoer is n vereiste( skakel)
    Donovan;0794508857 [email protected]
    Volledige opleiding word verskaf!!
    I phoned this number and Donovan answered. He confirmed he is working for Investor's Choice.
    I asked him for the name and number of their director. He said it's Christo Oosthuizen at 012 940 0800

    Now we have come the full circle - this is the same tel nr as for "Mustang International"

    I am making Christo Oosthuizen aware of this thread. He owes the public some answers. If you are a legal company or string of companies, why do you not abide by the laws?

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    Can all the ppl that has been scammed bi them pls put your name down that wants to take it further,as we are taking criminal and legal actions against them they are also called Crystal Ball Investments ,pls also inbox me

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    Quote Originally Posted by hennie199468 View Post
    Can all the ppl that has been scammed bi them pls put your name down that wants to take it further,as we are taking criminal and legal actions against them they are also called Crystal Ball Investments ,pls also inbox me
    Hennie, are you laying fraud charges? If so, are you laying them against Christo Oosthuizen and Piet Volschenk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ... View Post
    Hennie, are you laying fraud charges? If so, are you laying them against Christo Oosthuizen and Piet Volschenk?
    These guys are driving me nuts with their unsolicited phone calls and have been doing so on-and-off for years. Shall we maybe start a Facebook Page to get an initiative started? It will be crucial to get people who have been duped by them to join the initiative though.

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    "Cybercon house"? Really? It's all in the name
    Quote Originally Posted by sajunky View Post
    It is a Chrismas time, animals speak human language, deamons speak through the humans, it is normal. Honesty is the way we can combat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helencatzy View Post
    Hi all,

    My husband worked for one of the many companies selling the product "Share Trackin". They lured him in with the promise of an aggressive commission scheme based on sales the consultants makes. He was one of the telemarketers cold calling people from the lists that the bosses claimed have been created by referrals from current clients. The prospective clients had to match a certain profile before a consultant would see them, these criteria are: White male, 30 - 65 years of age, earning enough to be able to pay R20 000 off the cuff for the product, they need your salary and credit card details so that they can determine whether you can in fact afford the amount.

    The target is 4 appointments a day where the prospective clients meet all the criteria.

    After about 3 weeks of my husband working for these people, they come up with a whole load of nonsense that he will be fined for all the calls he makes unless he gets the target of successful appointments. He gets people who fit the criteria lined up and the following day the "big" boss tells him that they are not suitable and throws them out and doesn't even bother to call the people to cancel the appointment. I then asked my husband if it is possible that all these peoples names and phone numbers can actually be friend referrals because some of these people have been dead up to 5 years. He did some sniffing and found out that the lists are bought from NCD (National Consumer Database).

    So for those of you who are confused, this company is a total scam.

    And my husband left the company the day he was told that he was being fined for the calls he was making.
    So today, 6 October 2015, I get an attempted call (thank you TrueCaller) from this scum company. I cannot believe that they are still going. I call them back and tell them which cliff to dive off and their people are so aggressive now. I told them that I know how they operate and that they must mark me as deceased and if they call me again I will sue them for harassment. Woman had the nerve to laugh at me, I told her to keep laughing. The call is being recorded. I am clever like that. I make very sure that I opt out of everything and am not listed. If they call me I will crush that company for what they did to my husband while he work for them peddling their rubbish.

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    I was approached for a similar thing more than 10 years ago....

    I still remember how unethical they were, I was not biting (they came to see my in the office) the one guy then pretended to phone "Mr K" their "big boss" to ask for a massive discount for me. I dialled his number while he was speaking and his cellphone rang in his ear!

    If memory serves this was around 2004
    "Reliable Communication permits progress" Prv 13:17

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