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Thread: Cape Town WIFI mesh nets

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    When I did have Telkom I gave my neighbours free internet, as in an hour a day via my Mikrotik. 4 people connected, shared costs (I did no more than cover cost), and got full time on my lousy copper 4 Mb/s down pair. It was a nice first try on an idea that mesh could help, sharing might help, and in mesh servers could help.

    I think a couple of times I saw people parking near our property with laptop open using the free service in whatever their emergency might have been. I felt it was a valuable community service.

    As for me, I don't have hard wire analogue telephone. All voice communications, mostly Skype and the like, but some VOiP are via internet. And from SA we do hard core research.... me mostly telecommunications and medical. So we know interrupted connections are serious. Sharing via mesh would help.

    I had a spare laptop & I just gave it to our gardener. He asked for our spare TV, but I would not give it to him. Modern TV sets are nothing but crippled computers. Many use Android or Linux OS. So I said, here is something better. A TV you can talk back to. He never before had touched a computer. His mobile phone is not smart. So not even that. I gave him a few hours training. He is a quick learner. Who knows? One day he may get a fantastic job. Earn more than I. It is possible. Sharing. If even one person is cut out of the economy, the nation has lost potential. Maybe he will become a better gardener.

    Main problem? He hardly earns enough to connect to the internet at his home. It won't happen. None of his neighbours have wifi. He can see a high site, so there are a lot of WISP feeder signals, but he does not have the money. I encouraged him to try to get a few near by friends to drop DSTV or whatever, and sign up for a shared account. I know he cannot do the IT Tech yet. But..... it would be so easy if he could do some meshing. [there... on topic. Right?]
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    Quote Originally Posted by saemwave View Post
    For those who have an interest in long term connectivity, mesh networking should be looked at. Threats of censorship and network inequality abound. It is time to share connectivity.. bounce up and down and connect to locals. That is all.
    There is another Wireless network in Cape Town, CTWug. Fairly active, and offers a lot of services free of charge.

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