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Thread: Customer demands a Nokia N95 from MTN after Hoax Email

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    Talking Customer demands a Nokia N95 from MTN after Hoax Email

    Seriously! Is some people that "toe"? I haven't laughed this much in a while!

    This is the email that is doing the round (shorten version)

    We have received an Email that MTN is giving away mobile phones the mail is as follows:
    Hello Everybody,

    MTN is distributing free Mobile Phones for their brand promotion. They
    hope to increase their popularity and sale by this campaign. All you need
    to do is send an email to about 8 people and you will receive a Nokia N95.
    They replied:

    Hello pops10
    Do not forward MTN free mobile phones give-away scam email

    If you receive an email containing the following message, please delete it immediately. Do not forward this email as it is a scam.
    Now for the best part!

    Not impressed: It is not my problem whether or not this is a *** or not,the fact is that MTN's name was used,therefore they are Responsible.I want the N95 as stated in the email.
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    So that means I need to push bmw for my new car since I forwarded their email like they asked too.
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    I demand the $45 million that a Nigerian businessman promised me! Because Nigeria's name was used in the email, the Nigerian government must pay.
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    Bill Gates offered me his millions perosnally if i forwarded mails too :P

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    My name was used in a "Stop the curruption" email, my name was number 12 on the list.
    I demand to be the new president!

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    I've won the UK lottery hundreds of times, I WANT MY MONEY!!!
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    Thats just too much..

    By that logic I just have to start an email stating X will give away something.. and they're then obligated to do so... cool....

    *starts compiling list of things I want*
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    Ha ha ha ha that is really funny, I should be claiming for all the free stuff because the brand name was used.

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