Posted by: fragtion_

Description: I'm looking for a NETGEAR DG834 v3 or less. It could be the G model or the one without wireless, as long as it's v3 or lower. You can find the version number underneath the modem, and on most boxes if its sealed. I have a DG384GT but it uses a broadcom chipset whereas the one i'm looking for uses the TI-AR7 chipset which i prefer... but unfortunately I lost my old one to lightning and am looking for a replacement. Also willing to trade my DG384GT for a DG834(G) v3. The difference is that the DG384GT is a 108Mbps wireless as opposed to the DG834G's 54Mbps. The wireless doesn't mean much to me as it could to someone else =] Please PM me :) I stay in the West Rand [Roodepoort]

NETGEAR DG384 (G or not G, either is fine) version 3