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Thread: Vista Ultimate

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    Default Vista Ultimate

    Hello guys,

    I installed Vista Ultimate on my new machine and it worked great for the first few days no probs played games surfed the net downloads and online game play was great.

    Now when I switched on my PC after installing SP1 I booted up, in windows classic view and came with all kinds of errors, including that windows install has stopped working my internet connection cant get connected and a load of other errors. I have tried to do a self repair but that crashes out too.

    I have looked at all other options to reset the pc to a previous state but to no luck it seems to get worse by the minute.

    Now I am fed up, I dont want to reinstall otherwise I need to do all the updates and that eats my bandwidth for the month. I wanted to do a complete system recovery but it cant cause it goes south after 10 min.

    PS: This is a legal copy of Vista Ultimate .

    Is there a sollution to this problem or should I bite the bullet and do a format in re-install all my software and games from the start ?
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    So SP1 borked your system?

    What are the specs of your PC ?

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    Well i would reload your system and the minute you boot into vista get your pc up to date with the latest patches, do not install anything until your vista is patched up .

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    dont you have any restore point.I think you can try to partition the drive,install vista on the other partition and copy another user profile over.Better still make a winbuilder bootup disk and repair it there from the wizards
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