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Thread: New breed of telecoms operators

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    Default New breed of telecoms operators

    New breed of telecoms operators

    White paper predicts 2009 will herald a 'new breed of telecoms operators' in SA

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    Cost optimisation = we are still gonna k4k4f as consumers.
    You can do something for love, you can do something for money, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as doing something out of spite - Jeremy Clarkson, 1991

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    i think whoever wrote that article is an idiot or is on the payroll.

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    PLEASE MYBB - stop reporting on Promises, this has been the 30th or so 'promise this will happen this year, promise that will happen next year' article this year.

    Report on whats happening. THIS IS LAZY JOURNALISM!

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    will it or will it not... whilst we are represented by ignorant thief's there will be no better future here.

    So point is when you vote keep in mind who you are wrting down on that paper... and remeber EVERY vote counts......foor every one you dont cast they get two

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    Thumbs up Heady Stuff

    RPM ,

    WHERE can one download this report ?

    I need to frame it and put it up next to my bed ( I am very much in agreement with it )



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    promises, promises, promises, thats all I am reading about ....

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    once again...bla bla bla bla bla....can they even spell cuz all i see all over that article is bla bla bla bla bla....

    Full of false promises. No idiot investors would decide to invest in this telecoms industry as the rules are so strict. I bet the ANC just likes hearing how things will get better, meanwhile things wont change, maybe they just feel that they will be getting richer by hearing all this crap lol.

    EVERY VOTE COUNTS GUYS........DONT WASTE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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