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Thread: Speed Tests

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    Default test Elarduspark

    wednsday 09:44

    26 Connection
    File Size: 150.005 KB
    Time Elapsed: 31.047 seconds

    38.64 Kbps
    (4.83 KBps)

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    Default 512 package - Radiokop

    Speed Test
    Your download speed is: 50.72 KBps, or 405.72 Kbps
    The test took 41.25 seconds to complete

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    Tue, 7 Feb 2006 23:47:24 UTC

    1st 512K took 547 ms = 936 KB/sec, approx 7713 Kbps, 7.53 Mbps
    2nd 512K took 437 ms = 1171.6 KB/sec, approx 9654 Kbps, 9.43 Mbps
    3rd 512K took 438 ms = 1169 KB/sec, approx 9633 Kbps, 9.41 Mbps
    4th 512K took 422 ms = 1213.3 KB/sec, approx 9998 Kbps, 9.76 Mbps

    Overall Average Speed = approx 9250 Kbps, 9.03 Mbps

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    Try clearing the cache on your machine.
    The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.

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    What site do you guys use for international speedtests?
    I tried bandwidthplace but that doesn't even complete, it's so slow.

    Nvm, I'm blind.
    Last edited by Jhbgirl; 04-05-2006 at 12:05 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhbgirl
    What site do you guys use for international speedtests?
    I tried bandwidthplace but that doesn't even complete, it's so slow.

    Nvm, I'm blind.

    It's scary how accurate this is.Be sure all you are running is this test , so close as many internet 'happy' apps you have and start the test.Let us know the results. another good one is albatronica *but you'll have to google that , sorry*...just google 'speed tests'

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    Sentech Heldekruin tower JHB, unknown signal strength should be high, connected to 18dBi antenna , running via Wireless Router. 128 MW.
    Download 34.64kbps
    Upload 33.92kbps
    Left in kbps as this is a more recognised measurement by South Africans.
    Signal strength is of little consiquence as local sites are fast thus indicating Sentechs link into the World is questionable/the bottleneck. Furthemore pinging the Sentech DNS servers have good response times.
    Last edited by daxiet; 07-06-2006 at 04:11 PM.

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    Super Grandmaster noswal's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
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    256k package: speed test result on 2006-06-07 09:24:01 EST:
    227 / 15
    Your download speed : 227 kbps or 28.4 KB/sec.
    Your upload speed : 15 kbps or 1.9 KB/sec.
    Shut up Slave! ... cheap cheddar and macaroni, melted together...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocilah View Post
    Lets maintain a post that reflects our speed tests. This will give MW users a good idea of how everyone is comparing against the rest in terms of speed.
    This could also work to the advantage of Sentech to find problem areas. I think we should also leave out any sarcastic comments to make it a viable thread for everyone.

    MW 128 Tower 60 - nb2 - sig=22% - snl=11 (woodmead) 7:20pm

    International Speed Test
    17.04 Kbps
    (2.13 KBps)

    Local Speed Test
    Local is fast so didnt bother

    myWireless 128, 64, 48, 16 - depends on its mood.
    Cool you can do one think if you have any problem to your internet speed you can check your self from here. It's give a best result to your internet speed.

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    Huh, I have tried the Vodacom data card in my wifi network and the download speed is not to bad. Almost as fast as cellC's at 7Mbps. However the upload sucks big time at only 0.4Mbit. CellC in comparison, gives me around 7Mbit down and 2.2Mbit up. Ok, my 3G modem has a maximum speed of 7Mbit/s which means the download speed could be even faster.
    How do I add a pic in here?
    Last edited by intel8080; 22-08-2011 at 11:45 AM.

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