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Thread: I was caught out by the "blinker fluid" thing, and then came to my senses lol

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    Default I was caught out by the "blinker fluid" thing, and then came to my senses lol

    So I heard the term "blinker fluid" mentioned in another video. Cant remember which one now on youtube, but it was in the sense of "oh look, that car needs blinker fluid checked". I was like, WTF is blinker fluid. Obviously I know that blinker is "american" for indicator, but I was like, why does indicators need fluid??? Is there some kind of hydrolic switch or servo or whatcha majiggy involved that works with fluid under pressure in activating the indicator light? Why the fck would a car manufacturer make it so complicated when all you need is something to complete and break the electrical circuit repeatedly while the indicator is activated by the driver? Anyway, soon I put it out of my head.

    Then I was watching car videos again just now on youtube, and saw this ChrisFix video recommended to me by youtube titled "How to replace Blinker Fluid". So I was like, Oh I can finally see what the deal is with how this works and why on earth you would need fluid for your indicator lights to work. At the end of the video I was like, there is actual fluid inside my light housing? REALLY??? Then I think my rationality came back and I thought no....screw does not make sense to me at all. Googled more and ..... ja ..... the joke is on me....well....almost. lol.

    Oh and youtube.....I know I am gullible when it comes to cars .... but recommending this video to me? REALLY? Screw you!

    APoc184 - "Well apparently I'm Ockie's kinda girl."

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    HA HA HA HA.

    I've never heard of it before but it's pretty hilarious.

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    WTF can't edit a post because it's too long?

    Anyway reminds me of the noise cancelling April fool's thing that was going around a year or three ago.

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